17 September 2011


We started playing CivWorld recently. This is our third game.

Alistair pulled off the final era economic victory with the wonder which effectively boosted our 640,000 gold to 800,000 gold.

Our four person civilisation (effectively four since Yen Lyn is inactive) has managed to win this in the face of at least four or five other larger civilisations of which three have 16 or more people.

We had four persons. Siu Hean, Brian, Alistair and I. Two economic victories secured in the face of great odds.

I had managed to amassed 565,739 gold by the end. Of course, the objective was to amass fame and not gold. The usual means would be to join a large civilisation and win numerous medals, some of which can be self-serving to say the least.

16 September 2011

FRIDAY! Finally!

I had a nice dinner with Zenn and Teck Loong at the Ma Maison Tonkatsu at the Mandarin Gallery last night. Eve joined us later.

It has been a while since Zenn left to do missionary work. Now, she is back for a short while.

15 September 2011

Twenty-two spaceships and vehicles of various types drawn this week. More sketches to come!

One house drawn and another not far from completion.

Dinner and drawing with Leos and Amelia

Dinner and drawing tomorrow with Leos and Amelia! Whee! Are Kun Rong and Jerry going?

The Reckless

I think people who are reckless often do not recognise that they are reckless. Otherwise, they wouldn't be. Risk-takers, on the other hand, are another type altogether.

Dinner with Big Monkey and Lao Hobo

Woo! Dinner with Big Monkey and Lao Hobo this evening! Urm, Zenn and Teck Loong... Whee! It has been a while since Big Monkey swung off into the jungles of Cambodia.

14 September 2011

To work to work! Focus focus! Then, I will go run and also draw this evening. I will also write my diary.

Open Figure Drawing at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia - September 2011

I was there at the Open Figure Drawing session at 3 Kay Siang Road organised by Patrick Smith of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia. Zhu Chuan, Eric, Isaacs, Don, Joy, Tia, Claude, Oyo, Tony and quite a few others were there. There were at least fifty people who turned up ultimately.

It was a fast-paced session of two hours, beginning at 7 pm and ending at 9 pm.  Furious non-stop gesture drawings of 1-minute, 2-minute, 3-minutes followed. Then, there were a few 5-minute poses, 10-minute poses and a final 15-minute pose. 

Wonderful session. I must thank Patrick for organising these sessions and opening to everyone.
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13 September 2011

Where the Wild Things were

I just got back from buying food for my mother at Junction 8 at Bishan. I was also at the library there and I borrowed 'Where the Wild Things were: Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators' by Jason Stolzenburg.

It is about a dearth of predators and how these causes imbalances, herds of elks invading, unchecked deers and cats and ants and more...

Intriguing looking volume. There should be predators out there eating up greenies actually.

12 September 2011

The weekend was too short!

The weekend was too short! First, it was Portrait Day with JF, Jerry, Wai Hong, Ray, Kun Rong, Amelia, Rafa, Richard, Eve and many many more. It was an enjoyable evening of drawing.

I spent a happy Saturday afternoon and evening drawing with Kun Rong and Amelia at Cedele at United Square. Then, we had dinner at Waraku at Square 2.

I slept most of Sunday and I also drew four vehicles and five spaceships.


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Alphabet Rescue

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Burke Commodities

VMR Corporation, Target Research Group. Now, it is another lady with an American accent calling from Burke Commodities from Boston.