29 September 2011

Five starships drawn last night! And I retired earlier than usually. An hour earlier! Whee!

28 September 2011

26 September 2011

Focus focus. I have lots to do. I need to make a list and get the things done.

Then, after work, I can read and draw.

Group visibility

Oooh, the Facebook interface has changed. I'm looking to change group visibility again. Moving the Science Fiction Singapore group up to the forefront. Moving the First World War group up. Moving Singapore Wargamers up. Rearranging a few others and changing prioritisations. Moving the urban sketchers group to a much less visible position (probably out of sight) and much lower priority now. Ditto for a subsidiary music group, 80s Music Discussion Group.

A weekend of talk

A nice weekend, mostly of talk and meeting people. On Friday night, I was drawing spaceships at the Food Republic at 313. Later, Siu Hean dropped by, then Mitchell, then, Koi Hin

We were discussing about solar sail mechanics and the design of such a vessel, beam weapons ranging and the random walk needed for evasion (much like First World War hit prediction between two battle lines of dreadnoughts!), electromagnetic railguns shooting clouds of particle and counter fire in a cloud form, biological space vessels, the design of it, photosynthesis, flying cabbages, cauliflowers, sketching spaceships, 2-dimensional worlds and more. Highly enjoyable.

Amelia and Leos came and joined us later.

It is really just too bad that the main Sketchwalks are held on Saturday mornings with an afternoon sideshow. At this rate, I would probably miss the rest of the year or perhaps for the foreseeable future. I had already missed the majority last year. I wish sketchwalks are on Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings. I am but one person and it would not be proper otherwise.

Earlier in the year, it was fortunate that the two polling days had fallen on the Sketchwalk days and after I had voted and I was then able to attend.

Well, I doubt if I would have much of an opportunity in the future. Sketchwalks look like a dead event for me now. Circumstances beyond my control. Fading away. It would be Portrait After Dark and Figure Drawing sessions only from now on from the looks of it.

Then, I spent a late afternoon and night drawing with Mitchell and Kit Mun joining me on Saturday.

I had decided against going to figure drawing on Sunday evening as I was drained.

I think in future I will start a new movement and organise sessions for sketching imaginary things if there are people who would join me.

25 September 2011

Entrenched positions

A person I know often has fixed positions. What this person often does is to construct explanations around his or her fixed positions. The person would also find bad analogies and examples to support them.

It is not that the positions are wrong but rather than the examples used to illustrate the positions are often poor ones, akin to a reversal of creating positions to tear down.