11 November 2011

I am so sleepy today. Not enough sleep. I spent a lot of time texting last night instead of sleeping.

09 November 2011

Uses for people

Some people, of course, measure others for their uses.

The true colours

Have you ever known people who when they first met you, were earnest and seemingly sincere in knowing you and upon knowing you and knowing that you do not matter in the grand scheme of things* in their little world would discard you?

I have met a number of these people. Initially, when you meet them, they have not figured out how you could be of consequence, thus, they are wary and they play safe by their friendliness. Within months, they will have figured out the social dynamics in a group and they will stick to the so-called leaders and befriend them.

These people are everywhere now. I met a number over the past year and their true colours only begin to emerge lately. I can't say that I am surprised by the turn of events anymore.

*Essentially a nobody in their eyes.


Have you ever been invisible? Have you ever been invisible in a room full of people you know? Have you ever been invisible in a street of numerous acquaintances? This form of invisibility is more potent than the popularly imagined physical invisibility of that described by H. G. Wells.

Have you ever been dismissed with a glance and in seconds, thus turned invisible forever?

Such is the state of the world.
I have accomplished quite a bit this week. Listlessness banished. Work done. Whee!
Gonna go to a funeral later today.

08 November 2011

Idiot from Great Eastern Life

Some idiot from Great Eastern Life just called. They don't give up, do they? I can't wait for the national 'do not call' database. I hope they get fined.