29 November 2011

Nuisance call from the Bank of China

Now, a call on my mobile from a lady speaking on behalf of the Bank of China. She is very loud. I put my mobile in the drawer and let her go on and on.
I saw Neurotic Boy and Mr Moustache from a distance a week ago.

Collecting debt

I am thinking of referring a case of late payment to a debt collection agency. That would in a sense ruin their credit rating.

Alternatively, I could apply in court and go seize the things in their homes.

Nuisance calls from Prudential and Worldwide Debts Collection Limited

Woo! A call from Prudential right now on my mobile. He asked if I had upgraded.. I interrupted him and asked him to explain what he meant and then left my mobile in my drawer as he went on and on and on. Whee! Awesome!

Yesterday, I received a call, 'I'm calling from the Worldwide Debts Collection Limited'... I let her go on and left the mobile in the drawer.

Last night, there was a call from Finexis and I also left my mobile in the drawer as the nuisance caller went on and on.

Spending a government grant

‎'Hello, I am calling from Ion Consultancy with regards to government grants?'

My reply, 'Didn't you call yesterday?'

'Urrrm.. sure, okay, good bye!'

Yes, it is one of those company who call up and tell you that they want to help you spend a potential government grant. She called up yesterday and I told her I wasn't interested and she forgot and she called again today. Doh.