13 December 2011

Kooky people

I haven't so many kooky people as I know now. The views expressed are surprisingly kooky. Of course, if one were to tease them a little, well, these folks are humourless and will not take well to a bit of humour.

12 December 2011

So much to do at work too. Quoting and so forth.
Such a wonderful day.

Much to do this evening. Restoring email. Diary. Sorting out stuff.
I met the old Greyster outside Sim Lim Square on Friday night. I see him around quite a bit. Once in a while, I see him with his sidekick, Neuroticboy. Anyway, I said hello before heading to find Wilson.

I wonder if Hellboy will grace us with his words of wisdom today. What will he sprout from that bitter mouth of his? The world awaits with bated breath.