10 March 2012


"What is unknown and cannot possibly be known must therefore harbour eternal truths. What cannot be comprehended must therefore be akin to a snail attempting to understand higher mathematics. That is the complete basis of it, the logic which powers the entire school of thought, the fundamental."

Jake Amun Mandeville, purportedly the great great grand nephew of the noble Sir John Mandeville

09 March 2012

08 March 2012

Battlefield 3 expansions

Wonderful news. Battlefield 3 will see three expansions this year.

1. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters - due in June 2012
2. Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill - due in Fall 2012
3. Battlefield 3: End Game - due in end 2012

I barely touched my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 which I really should.

Two more service stars in Battlefield 3

Last night in Battlefield 3, I got the following:


58:19 over all. Heh.

I got one service star for the M320 grenade launcher and one for the FAMAS assault rifle. Not too bad. I was also trying out the AN-94 and FN F2000 assault rifles.
So many mad old ladies (MOL) these days. What's the deal?

Horrible websites and ususable voice response systems

It is like many other organisations apparently. Hidden phone numbers on websites, horrible and unusable voice response systems. Banks, government organisations, etc. Utterly unusable. Those IT folks who designed them should be shot.

I wish the government would stop wasting money on these voice response systems.

Raging mad old lady

The mad old lady (MOL) is raging again. You can hear her emotions and tones in that angry voice.

Cleverly hidden phone numbers on websites

I was trying to look for a telephone number to call on the Singtel website to call regarding a faulty line. They have cleverly hidden the numbers. I am still searching.

Of the deluded and his dreams

He has dreams. He believes that he has a god-given talent. He has delusions of grandeur. He expected instant results. However, it is obvious that he had not the skills, nor the talent for it.

Telling him the brutal truth will only enrage him and shatter his idealism. The others have been tempted as well but they had decided not to play god.

Not telling him will see him follow the course and probably learn the hard way. Experience teaches. It is probably for the best. Pain and experience.

07 March 2012

The irony of things

I had observed that a person that I know had prided herself on her emotional intelligence and had denigrated another person of having very little. The ironic thing was that that person who was denigrated was actually very personable, popular and aware in a group dynamics sense. The second irony was that the person denigrating others was oblivious, vain and utterly proud of her own popularity (or so she thought). That she had no conception could perhaps be attributed to something akin to the Dunning–Kruger effect which 'is a cognitive bias in which unskilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to recognize their mistakes.' The popular vernacular? 'Clueless'.

06 March 2012

Battlefield 3 update

Woo! Back into the swing of things. Last night, the K/D ratio in several games of Battlefield 3:


Total 92:24

This was mainly effected with the M320 grenade launcher.

Of Facebook and such

Facebook is a drain on time, humans being a social animal and that of Facebook being a social platform makes it extremely addicting. I spend too much time on it conversing with friends and sparring with false friends.

05 March 2012

I am so sleepy!

Facebook newsfeed

I have 'hidden' or unsubscribed a whole host of people whose posts I have no interest in on Facebook. I have also blocked a lot of game and applications.

This had cut down a lot of the traffic on the newsfeed, making it a lot more usable.

Now, I want to block shared images from a few specific groups which I do not belong in. It is irritating receiving all those 'inspirational' photos.

Battlefield 3 update

In the last two days, my kills/deaths (K/D) ratio on Battlefield 3 was 67:48, the majority of which were M320 grenade launcher kills. This weapon was, of course, known as the 'noobtube' to many kids.

In a series of games over the last two days:


I was initially rather rusty and it took a while before I managed to place my grenades accurately.

Rainy Monday morning. And I am looking at satellite photos of the Brazzaville-Kinshasa conurbation now. Highly intriguing.

04 March 2012

Of elevations in painting

Progress. Painting in gouache has been extremely instructive. It is almost time to take it to a new level. Two breakthroughs in painting last year in gouache.

And two more the year before in watercolours in terms of new techniques