24 March 2012


I spotted this installation piece outside the Singapore Art Museum when I was with Dione and Kun Rong last Saturday. I was on my way to find Jerry, Jian Long and Jake, the Three Js at Nafa.

23 March 2012

I will go meet Jerry and Kun Rong at Ngee Ann City this evening! Whee!

Dinner at 15 Minutes

I met TL Hobo for dinner at 15 Minutes at LaSalle last night. Great dinner, we caught up over many things. Sadly, Zennkey was unable to make it.

I also visited Wilson at Epic Gear.

Soaring above the petty

One has to forge one's own path. The petty will always be vicious and full of their anger. Let them clutch onto those angry, petty views.

Let them rage. Perhaps, after venting, they will be liberated and perhaps willing to change for the better.

I don't hold out much hope for them though.

22 March 2012

Sailing on a ship of fools

Will we be sailing on a ship of fools in four years' time where populism and mob prejudices rule?

21 March 2012

Refusal to understand

It is a wonder when someone refusal to understand is astounding. A means of concocting rationales against what was blatantly laid out before him.

The process of changing one's belief is gradual and requires someone to be the introspective sort..

"You can't do it easily is his point. The process of changing one's belief is gradual and requires someone to be the introspective sort (not sure how you describe that sort of personality). So what one does should be to help the process not push the person further to the other side. That's why crabtree talks about reframing issues and changing behaviours which would in turn help make a person question his or her own usual consistent outlook."

Fouridine Ang

20 March 2012

Another call from GMI Corporation

Woo. GMI Corporation is very early this morning. A lady with an accented voice called and I said, 'Oooh, your fiftieth call, isn't it?' She said she didn't think so and continued talking and talking. I had left the receiver on the table then. Haha!

I wonder what this GMI Corporation is. I did a check online and found two firms with such names but they wouldn't be that kind that would send someone doing blind direct marketing.

Of xenophobia

The xenophobia in our society is very disturbing. Everything, from rubbish to rudeness, is blamed on the PRC (Chinese citizen). I see that in Facebook on the walls of people I know,  I see that in forums. I see it expressed on many levels. What level has our society descended to? In an society made of immigrants, we cannot tolerate them.

19 March 2012

Marc is thinking of hiking again this Sunday! EEP! I'm not that young anymore. My recovery will take a while. Haha.
A wonderful hiking trip. Photos and trip descriptions will follow later. Tired.


People who scream 'nationalisation' at everything either appear to know very little history, being ignorant, or choose to be myopic. It is troubling to see folks clutching onto opinions that remain unchanged in light of either more education or new information proving those views wrong. This is conservatism at its worst. Blind adherence to an entrenched position.

With regards to nationalisation of public transport, these people shouting 'nationalisation' should look at examples implemented worldwide and do a comparison between privatised and nationalised systems. There are reasons why nationalisation, communism and other forms of state control don't work for various enterprises and why the mechanisms of the market work for others.

18 March 2012

Cannot be helped at all

" Some people are just so resistant to logic that they cannot realistically be helped at all though, sad fact of life.."

Wilson Tay