30 March 2012

Donald Duck jokes

No Donald Duck jokes were made last night. Hahah. Enough of them for now. Time to get back on track and draw. Heheh.

Dinner at 15 Minutes

Friday! Whee! The weekend is upon us! WOO!

Last night, after looking for a HDD at Sim Lim Square and also saying hello to Wilson at Epic Gear, I had dinner with Ray, Jerry, Teck Loong the Hobo and Zenn at 15 Minutes at Lasalle.

I have been here numerous times ever since that first visit with Jerry a while back.

Jerry tried the sausage dish. I sampled the two types. Great stuff.

I have had the burger a few times. Great stuff. Great fries, patty and all. This was Zenn's burger with an egg!

Ray's pasta.

Slipping standards

There is an artist who I know whose standards are slipping. It is quite evident that he is getting worse with every new piece. A few of us have noticed it. However, he is a two-faced Janus, not a pleasant person either. So, no one will tell him.

29 March 2012

Battlefield 3

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Battlefield 3

When I first started Battlefield 3 (2011), I seemed to have forgotten all the lessons of Battlefield 2 (2005) from some years back.

In the fury of battle, I would respawn at the wrong spots, I would stand and gaze at the situation at the wrong spots.

I was averaging a Kill Death ratio (K/D) of 2:14 or thereabouts.

In meeting engagements in a fire fight, I would find that the other player would always shoot faster and more accurately. This was, of course, also due to my lack of skill, slower reflexes, poorer hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.

I had also played an engineer with the rocket launchers (SMAW and RPG-7) or the MANPAD (Stinger or Igla). With the use of anti-vehicular mines, I was able to amass a few kills without a firefight. Relatively few though.

For 73 hours, I had tried different approaches, from driving vehicles to laying mines. Eventually, I managed to find that I could aim pretty accurately with the M320 grenade launcher.

That was when I was able to amass kills. By the 102th hour, I had chalked up another 1000+ kills and restored my K/D ratio to 1.0. I had over 700 kills with the grenade launcher there. I was able to place grenades accurately at long range with the M320.

Now, my K/D ratio in games would range between 2:1 to 7:1, the latter ratio was not uncommon.

I am glad that I had persevered. My gun kills have also improved. I positioned well and not merely from ambush positions. While the preponderance of kills had come from the M320, I would still get assault rifles kills.

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28 March 2012

Ninety-Nine Castles: Castle on cloud nine!

Ninety-Nine Castles: Castle on cloud nine!: Quick pure color sketch to start contributing to the blog!

Kun Rong's two-hour speed painting of a castle. The colours, the forms incorporated, the multiple levels, the other towers and sky bridges and the moat. Magnificent!

27 March 2012

Middle Road

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Battlefield 3 parity

I started the game at 0:0 parity. 101 hours later, I managed to reach a 2042:2042 parity. I had started off badly, often getting 2:14 or thereabouts.

Last night, I managed a 44:6. It took a hundred hours to restore this.

26 March 2012


A great weekend. I spent nine hours drawing on Saturday. I drew with Jake, Kun Rong, Jerry, Marc and Annabella. I completed a number of odd, quirky pieces!

On Friday evening. I browsed for a bit and met Psy Fig at Kinokuniya. Then, Kun Rong came as did Jake and Jerry. We were at the Food Republic at the Wisma Atrium afterwards.