05 April 2012

We are drawing tonight! Woo! Usual place!
I finally got a HDD from SLS last night to backup my data. I had waited long enough.

The end of Spinelli's at the Heeren

I spent many happy afternoons drawing here. The Heeren is undergoing yet another renovation. After losing their anchor tenant, HMV and Marche to 313, the place is now rather deserted. It would appear that the management is hoping that a new round of renovation would bring back the crowds. Spinelli's is closing as the place is going under refurbishment again.

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04 April 2012

Of mannerisms which seem like that of a cartoon character

A Fuji-Xerox salesgirl and salesman just walked in. She talked like some cartoon character. And also pushing government grants to buy her machine. Heh

More Donald Duck jokes

There were some Donald Duck jokes last weekend. Heheheheh. I expect that there may be more this weekend!
I do need a new external HDD for backups. Kun Rong needs one too. Should I go to Sim Lim Square this evening?

Of the deluded

His expectations and dreams, however unrealistic, do not just border on delusion, it is delusion. As observed by others, he is 'totally deluded'. I should think people should have a sense of perspective about life. A sense of priorities and more. We are all not born to be rock stars or even, stand out in the crowd. Most of us are ordinary yet individual in our own way. Do I foresee a bad end? I don't know really. It is hard to say.

Of manifestation in drawings

Hellboy or Cartoonboy seems more active these days. He hasn't died in his underground hideout after all. His hated as manifested in his drawings is scary.

Drama Mama

I have a friend who is a very reckless person as well as a drama mama. I think his sense of proportion is out of wack. It is almost akin to Christian fundamentalist survivalists gearing up for the apocalypse. He gets emotional over almost everything.
A chilly rainy morning again. 25 degrees!

03 April 2012

Internet connection

A varied day. I'm having problems setting up the internet connection for a new Dell machine. Is it a router problem? Hmm.. I have done a hard reset. I may have to resort to something else now.