02 May 2012

Fake electrical cables from China

My Daikin aircon at work is now functioning. It wasn't for a week. The Daikin repairman was clueless. My mother called her usual aircon man over. He was experienced and he found that the copper wires were fakes from China. The wires were aluminium with a coloured coating made to resemble copper. Upon burning, it gave off a white ash. I looked at the cross-section of the fake cable and saw silver rather than the ochre copper colour. After reconnecting with real copper wires and everything is fine.

Drawing at Sim Lim Square

I had forgotten that it was Labour Day yesterday. I went out in the hot sun and met Wilson at Epic Gear.

15 Minutes wasn't open. I was at a café at the basement of Sim Lim Square with Jerry, Jake, Leos and Amelia, drawing for most of the afternoon. I had a headache after.

My drawing that I completed at midnight wasn't inspiring either.

30 April 2012

New call new idiot

A call from Global Market Research with a heavily accented fellow on the telephone who just went on talking forever. Carbon trading or something or so he claims. I left him hanging and he called again..