18 May 2012


The fact that Manchester United got nothing warrants a month-long celebration! Whee!
Friday finally! I decided against going hiking at Bukit Timah Hill with the guys tomorrow. I just want to paint. It is the end of a long week.

16 May 2012


I saw Goh Chok Tong when I was running yesterday evening. Twenty aunties in running gear ran over to him and asked to take photos with him. He was in a suit and tie with many others in business attire. He obliged and smiled with them. They were talking about 'Photoshopping' away some elements, and he laughed, saying, 'Don't Photoshop'. Quite funny. This is the second time that I have seen him in real life. He came across as very friendly and approachable.

14 May 2012

New look 99 Castles

After a few years, it is time for a new look for the 99 Castles blog.

The new look.

The former look.

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Wheeeeeeeeeee! Manchester United got nothing!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Manure (Manchester United) got nothing this season! Wonderful! Hahaha. 89 points and nothing.

Haha. I was playing Battlefield 3 last night. And I did check the results from time to time. When my last Battlefield 3 game ended, I checked at the 79th minute and City was going down 1-2. I thought it was over. I went to hug Mimi and read. This morning, it was an utter surprise to say the least.

Later this morning, once I have cleared up urgent matters at work, I will go check every single British paper online and also footpage pages! I want to savour every single account!

This is simply wonderful!

I remember when Manure was given 6-7 minutes for that Owen goal against City some years ago.

That's definitely payback. Thanks Gerald, for that video of Sir Red Nose's fac