02 June 2012

Books bought


I bought these volumes over the last fortnight. All the volumes except of the one about the Battle of Jutland came from a sale at Harris Plannerds at 313. I got the Jutland book at Kinokuniya.

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Books from Malta


Siu Hean bought these interesting volumes back from Malta. 'Destination Malta' is an interesting pictorial of the surrender of the Italian fleet in 1943. He also brought maps of Malta back. I will be examining them.

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30 May 2012


Two young girls in tight small dresses and high heels and heavy make-up just walked in the warehouse. They wanted to rent a place for a weekend to sell things from their blogshop. They wanted a warehouse space that is air-conditioned!


I'm trying out the new Faber-Castell PITT pen. I got the brush tip. It seems superior to the ZIG ones. I prefer it over the Copic pens too. This is promising.

The pretense of being an artist

In an earlier online conversation, we were just talking about this person. I said:

"Who cares anyway. He can't draw. He is getting the attention that he clearly craves for. He is enjoying that pretense of being an artist."

29 May 2012

New call

‎'Hello, this is Shawn calling on behalf of ANZ Bank..' I put the mobile in my drawer and let him speak. Heh.

This is a new nuisance. I haven't encountered any representatives from that bank until today.

28 May 2012

Battlefield 3 latest

I haven't been playing well. I lack the presence of mind to maintain a 7:1 ratio. The ratios last night were: (from latest games to earliest)

15:13, 26:10, 25:13, 26:11, 7:7, 7:9, 6:2, 2:1.

I got hit way too often. Careless. A bit of bad luck here and there.
A nice quiet weekend. Just the way I like it. Heh.