09 June 2012

Quiet Friday night

I spent a nice evening writing my diary and thinking. Solitude, ahh solitude. Watching the world go by and being able to hear my thoughts aloud.

Tea at 15 Minutes with friends

I was drawing with Amelia and Kun Rong when Emperor Loh and Karen graced us with his divine royal presence. Heheh.

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08 June 2012

Prometheus unbound

On Prometheus, like every other SF movie out there, the scientists in this movie behaved mostly like teenagers in a slasher flick. You would think that hysterical people wouldn't have been chosen on a 1 trillion dollar mission. You would think that they would have protocols, procedures and methods for first contact. You would think that they would have some methodical means of mapping the place. Would careful, deliberate science have made for a good movie? Probably not when you have loud, swearing lost scientists which were entertaining when they lose their  heads, well up to an extent. Curiously enough, the central character in the movie, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, is a Christian. Anyway, I won't say more until everyone has watched it.

07 June 2012


Back from watching Prometheus with Amelia and Siu Hean at Lido, I won't spoil it for everyone by saying much. I will only say that it met my expectations weren't high. It was decent and compelling enough. The graphics by WETA was excellent. Soundtrack, not bad. I had pretty much predicted the whole plot exactly. Heh except for one small bit. Heh.

Woo hoo!

I'm going to watch Prometheus this evening! Hurrah! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Army Open House 2012


A vehicle of interest was the old Cadillac Cage V200 which was only produced for Singapore. The V200 is old and will be replaced by the 8 x 8 Terrex.

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06 June 2012

Army Open House 2012


A most worthwhile exhibition. I had close looks at various armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) including the Leopard 2A4s, AMX-13s and more.

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05 June 2012

Books ordered

I just ordered five books from Book Depository. Heheh.

  • Principles of Maritime Strategy (Paperback) by Julian S. Corbett
  • The Navy In Battle (Paperback) by Arthur Hungerford Pollen
  • Panzer Gunner (Paperback) by Bruno Friesen
  • Velocity (Hardback) by Stephan Martiniere
  • God and the Folly of Faith (Paperback) by Victor J. Stenger

On stickers and the spraying of walls for art

Actually, I think with her arrest, Samantha Lo, like Vincent Leow with his public urine drinking and Josef Ng with his public pubic hair snipping, has made it into the national art consciousness. 

You, who have your installations and artwork, will not be remembered like these three. 

I'm not judging anyone, this is an observation that she has achieved fame or notoriety, depending on what you subscribe to.

Battlefield scores

It was 27:6, 38:6, 21:7, 4:1, 28:25 last night. From the latest to the earliest. I'm no good by any stretch of the imagination. If faced, say one to one with a normal player in a flat plain with no cover, I would almost certainly lose. However, what I did was that I would hide in ambush positions and shoot. I would time and charge and shoot. I would lob grenades carefully. Thus, I was able to overcome my shortcomings in reflexes, skill and manual dexterity in achieving scores favourable to myself. That was, of course, very satisfying.

Army Open House 2012


I was at the Army Open House 2012 with Jerry one Saturday morning. I had wanted to give the pavilions a miss but fortunately, he had wanted to see them. Here, I saw my first P90 ever and also the Five-seveN pistol.

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04 June 2012


I was reading various chapters from 'Auto Mania: Cars, Consumers, and the Environment' by Tom McCarthy. Upon reading about the early Ford years and also the current penchant for SUVs, I returned the volume which was essentially a study on automobile consumerism.


Monday morning and I am getting trolled! EEEEP! A troll! Oh no!