14 June 2012

Battlefield 3 and M67 hand grenades


Last night, I encountered either very good players or hackers, most probably the latter since some were later banned for using aimbots.

I managed to persist in a losing team and through lobbing grenades, managed 52 kills, of which 38 were grenade kills. Grenades were great as they could be thrown, away from line of sight, ie gunfire and this had, of course, saved me from aimbots used by hackers.

Standing with about four or five grenade throwing people in a narrow corridor, I was able to rack up a great amount of kills safely.

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Portrait After Dark, June 2012

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13 June 2012

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

I never did have the manual dexterity, skill and reflexes for some games even when I was a child. RTS games are okay for me though. Now, at this age, I am slower than before.

I was playing Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, a FPS game, last night for the first time. It was brutal. I was slaughtered. The closed terrain was actually very open in that in each room in the Close Quarter maps, there were many means of entering it. It is very hard to secure a position or hide somewhere and snipe with your back to the wall. 

The maps were a flurry of movement throughout, gorgeous level designs and all.

I find that I would have to learn the map layout to have a chance at all. In the old Metro map, I am now fairly proficient in it and would know where to hide and shoot to stand a chance.

Portrait After Dark, June 2012

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11 June 2012

Battlefield 3 scores

Sunday scores. I started with two rush games when I saw Zhu Chuan playing. Not easy. I got badly mauled, even when advancing with a squad.

3:6, 1:4, 16:7, 22:9, 19:5, 12:0, 20:4, 10:6, 0:0, 1:1, 25:3, 23:2, 32:6

I returned to playing Metro, the map that I am most familiar with. Lots of built-up areas and close quarters combat. I began to rack up kills after. One of the games last night, 37:3 or something, was not recorded. The kills were however. Oh well.

I had also unlocked some dogtags, new scopes and so forth.

Farewell dinner for Kun Rong at 15 Minutes


Kun Rong's farewell dinner. Jake, Ray, Koi Hin, Jerry, Leos and Amelia were here at 15 Minutes for that last dinner. Go Kun Rong! Whee!

He will be missed.
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10 June 2012

Epic Gear


The Great Emperor Loh and Karen visited Evil Wilson Epic Gear. Later, we were back at 15 Minutes. Koi Hin had just arrived.

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