23 June 2012

Strange Cargo III

I remember buying William Orbit's 'Strange Cargo III' a few years. I had waited almost fifteen years before buying it. I had eyed it for a long time but was never really in a hurry. I had wanted to listen to it then and now. 
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21 June 2012

Evil Nightbreeze

Evil Nightbreeze from DuneMUD is in Singapore! WOO!

Photocopier sales idiot

This is Ms Retard calling for Canon Singapore, 'What copier machine are you using?' *

Me: 'We've got one already, we are not interested in yours.'

Ms Retard: 'How long have you had it?'

Me: 'We are not interested.'

Ms Retard finally gave up.

*She is obviously not from Canon Singapore but just one of the many companies selling Canon products. They almost always start with a survey like this.


I am not involved. I had only observed that little fracas which happened some weeks back.

I had expected better from him. I did not expect him to dismiss and shut the other fellow up for having a differing point of view. The other fellow was never an intellectual giant of any sort but was only expressing what he thought was right.

I expected him to be a big person given his age and his position. I had expected him to be generous. Of course, that expectation reeked of idealism. I know that I could be idealistic and had expected better from people. Anyway, wisdom and age do not really correlate.

It is disappointing to see him being so mall-minded.

18 June 2012

The last drawing session on Sunday

The last drawing session with Kun Rong on Sunday before he left for good. Here we were at the Starbucks at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. We were originally at the Spinelli's at Novena Square (Velocity).

We actually met for him to rip some music CDs. 

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