06 July 2012


The very mention of the 'arrogance of man'. Isn't it very arrogant and presumptuous on the part of the person making the utterance to assume that he speaks for mankind? To place such a judgement on 'Man'?

Singapore International Piano Festival

I attended the Singapore International Piano Festival at the School of the Arts over the weekend. It was an enjoyable programme. I appreciated the programming and the pieces played. The venue was the School of the Arts, off Bras Barsa Road and Selegie Road. The current location was great. Last year, it was held at a hall in NUS and it was inaccessible and inconvenient and my little sister and I had given last year's recital a miss despite wanting to hear the pieces in the programme.

The concert hall of the School of the Arts where the recital was held was splendid, great acoustics. The hall was somewhat hot. Each of the three locations which I had sat at was hot too. I could hear a lady beside me muttering to her companion about the heat and we were seated at row A.

I attended the recitals given by Khatia Buniatishvili, Chiyan Wong, Stephen Hough.

Khatia Buniatishvili
LISZT Sonata in B minor
LISZT Mephisto Waltz No. 1
CHOPIN Three Scherzi (1, 2, 3)
STRAVINSKY Three Movements from Petroushka

Chiyan Wong
SCHUMANN Kreisleriana, op. 16
BÜLOW-LISZT Dantes Sonnet 'Tanto gentile e tanto onesta' S. 479
LISZT Années de pèlerinage -
Après une Lecture de Dante: Fantasia quasi Sonata , S. 161/7
Au Lac du Wallenstadt, S. 160/2
BELLINI-LISZT-WONG Paraphrase der Hexaméron Variationen des "Marsch der Puritaner"

Stephen Hough
BEETHOVEN Sonata in C-sharp minor, Op. 27 No. 2 ‘Moonlight'
HOUGH Sonata for Piano (Broken Branches)
SCRIABIN Sonata No. 5
LISZT Sonata in B minor

I enjoyed the recitals and I was immensely delighted by the choice of the pieces in the programme this year.

04 July 2012

Mars Polaris

Tangerine Dream's 'Mars Polaris'.

Diablo 3

I finally got my Diablo 3 game a week ago from Wilson at Epic Gear in Sim Lim Square. It is compelling and engrossing like the previous Diablo 2 game. I have also bought the guidebook. As Lynx had pointed out, the data in it was obsolete as soon as the game was released and patched. I knew that but the information that I was looking for would not be that radically changed anyway.

Are you playing it?

03 July 2012

Gold Rush: Treasures of the Ukraine

I am thinking of going for the Gold Rush, Treasures of the Ukraine at the National Museum on the 4th August, Saturday. I will be bringing my sketchbook there. Timing will probably be at 3 pm to 4 pm. I will confirm details later. $11.00 admission. I want to sketch ceremonial armour and weapons. Anyway, it is a free and easy thing, when you arrive, just go in. My interest is, of course, the steppes cultures, arms and armour and more. No, we won't be travelling in a group and cracking jokes, it is closer to a solitary affair. Feel free to join us. Usual sketching follows after the visit.

We will see about the maritime museum in the near future, possibly the week after.

02 July 2012

"The belief in supernatural forces remains to this day a yoke on the neck of humanity, but at least Thales made it possible, for those of us who wish it, to be free of that yoke."

-- Vic Stenger, Physics and Psychics (1990) p. 83. Thales (625?-546? BCE) was a Greek philosopher who was the first to posit a godless universe that runs entirely on natural laws.