20 July 2012

Nightmare mode completed

Diablo 3. I managed to slay Diablo on Nightmare mode last night. Since my wizard is level 49, I can't proceed to the Hell mode. I would need the wizard to be level 50 to do so. I guess I would have to grind for xp now.
And I still have to attend a wedding lunch after work tomorrow. I can't wait for some freedom. Free time.
Friday! Finally!

18 July 2012

Back from Junction 8 and the Bishan Library. Heh.
I shall visit Bishan Library during lunch and borrow a few volumes. Heheh.
I do need to sleep earlier. I should also paint earlier.
There is no point in being annoyed with the lost book from Book Depository or the customer service from Book Depository. I have placed a new order. Things do get lost in the mail.

17 July 2012

It does look like the book from Book Depository is lost for good. Nothing that I can do.
Focus focus. Get the tasks done and I can go running this evening. And write my diary after. Perhaps paint too.

16 July 2012


I was reminded of the idiot of a Hellboy recently. Haha. I wonder if he has imploded yet. He was pretty unstable in an emotional sense in all that time I knew him. He reminded me of a fat loser who went away.
It was finally time to get a new mobile. I had decided against anything from the evil empire, Apple Corporation. It is a matter of principle that I will not get any iproduct.
Two emails to respond to. How would I word them?
The start of a new week! Monday! WOO!

15 July 2012

This weekend feels rather short. I didn't do enough. Friday night was nice as I did manage to draw quite a bit. I was too sleepy on Saturday afternoon and evening.