13 August 2012

My friend Kuoby is now an evil slumlord!
My friend Kuoby is now an evil slumlord!
"But, as we have seen, movement does not require a mover, and modern quantum mechanics has shown that not all effects require a cause. And even if they did, why would the Prime Mover need to be a supernatural anthropomorphic deity such as the Judaeo-Christian God? Why could it not just as well be the material universe itself?"

-- Vic Stenger, discussing Aquinas's adaptation of Aristotle's ideas as "proof" of the existence of God, Physics and Psychics (1990) p. 88

12 August 2012

A nice quiet night of browsing and drawing. I met with Amelia, Darius, Leos and Annabella at Kinokuniya after dinner. Then, I met Guat Kheng too.

Later we drew at Burger King at ION.