12 October 2012

Lance Armstrong's supporters

The denial of the Armstrong supporters is akin to that of followers of Jobs. It is intriguing to observe.

10 October 2012

I finally finished a book that I had meant to read in the early 80s. Has it been so long? Time passes in an eyeblink.

Two thousand years

Caller: Hello, I am calling from Singtel about Google and search engine-based marketing.

Me: I have zero budget for advertising.

Caller: Let me introduce this package, it actually costs very little...

Me: Zero is zero.

Caller: Erm, when can I call back?

Me: In two thousand years.

Caller: Okay, I will call you back in two thousand years, thank you.

09 October 2012

Good advice from bankers

I figure that bankers don't give good advice to people, the good advice they give are only good for their commissions.

07 October 2012