03 November 2012

It looks like rain now. A storm.
Another weekend. There was barely any time to draw. What I can I say?

If only there were more time.
I want to visit Gardens by the Bay again. I was only there for a short time one night with little Amelia.

02 November 2012

Windows 8 Pro, Borderlands 2, Simcity Box, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, Guild Wars 2

I picked these up from Wilson at Epic Gear last night. Why waste time with bad Facebook games when I could be 'wasting' time with good ones?

I have done my backup. I will be installing Windows 8 Pro before installing these games.

The one that I look forward to is actually SimCity as I like building games.

I will also get Torchlight 2 soon.

The state of the art

I am out of touch with the current state of the art when it comes to military affairs. A few weeks ago, Jerry had shown me helmets and other technological marvels from current fighter aircraft. I had known of some of these helmet-mounted technologies but I had only known of them being deployed on Russian and Israeli fighters. Now, they exist on American ones.

So, last week, when I was at the Star Vista mall and the home of the New Creation Church at Buona Vista, I bought a stack of military magazines from an Allscript store. I had previously wanted to read at the library but some of these were not available.

The magazines that I bought were Combat & Survival, Air Forces Monthly, Combat Aircraft Monthly, Special Weapons and Air International.

I bought Military Machines International after I visited Wilson at Epic Gear. The news stand vendor told me that sales had fallen greatly and they were in danger of closing.

I will read the magazines and see if they can be of use as references.
No new tank this week. I will see about next week. It should be a Jagdpanther from  the Tank Collection series.

FV433 Abbot SPG

The FV433 Abbot SPG was the mainstay of the self-propelled artillery units of the British army. It has since been replaced by the AS-90.

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01 November 2012

Combat Tanks Collection

For its price, I think the Combat Tanks Collection is pretty good. I have bought the Issue 1 with the Tiger I, Issue 2 with the M1A1 Abrams and Issue 3 with the T-55A.

I think they are great for modelling perspective when I draw. I would recommend it for any illustrator, especially military illustrators.


I went with Amelia and JF to Brian's father's wake on Sunday morning. The last time, Amelia and I went for his mother's wake at Yishun.

We had met at Yishun Library that morning before heading to the void deck where the wake was.

Amelia was saying that every time she went to Yishun, it was for a wake.
I can't wait to go out and draw during this weekend.


The BRDM-2, an important Soviet reconaissance vehicle, still numerous in many armouries but less often seen in.

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31 October 2012


Disney buys Lucasfilm now. They have already about Pixar and Marvel. This is consolidation on a big scale.

It will be interesting to see which intellectual property gets a reprieve, a new lease of life and which ones die by the way side.

John Carter is dead and buried.

I wonder if such consolidation is good for the industry as a whole.
Heavy storm out there.
I am going to post photos of tanks. Those were meant to be up a few years ago and were lingering as drafts.
I may head to SLS this evening. I want to pick up Windows 8 and some games, namely, Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2 and possibly one other.

Battlefield 3 statistics

From half a year ago. Heh.

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Caller: I am calling from XXX agency regarding a publication for the XXX organisation. I understand..

Me: Our advertising budget is zero.

Caller: For a minimal sum of $500 per ann..

Me: Did you take O level Mathematics? Do you understand the concept of zero?

Caller: Per annum, it is...

Me: No? No Mathematics?

Caller: What other publications do you advertis..

Me: It does not matter. Zero. Do you understand how much zero is?

Caller: Thank you..

She just would not give up.

29 October 2012

SimCity Social

That's it. Enough of Simcity Social. I will stop playing at this point. Enough. For those who want to know how to progress fast in population and building, let me offer some tips. I don't use bots, scripts, cheating programmes or buy diamonds. I think the cheating programmes are probably infected with trojans and viruses.

 Here is what I do:

1. First, go to the SimCity Social app page.


On most posts, ask people to 'add you'. You need about 250-300 people.

2. Click on those free energy and giveaway links daily. Lots of those.

3. Ask those friends you added daily for energy. Daily.

4. Play daily. You need to collect at least more than 10 times a day. There is no short cut.

5. Use fame to buy Convenience Stores, Mocktail Bars. Upgrade them to 1 star. Use f

6. Visit your neighbours daily for energy and have some as enemies and some as friends. Raise the levels to maximum. I get 91% drop chance for items when I visit them.

7. For maximum population, build observatories using Fame. Don't build Gaia's Gardens and such. I built too many and wasted space.

8. I did finish a lot of missions/tasks, missions/tasks add xp. These allow you to level almost daily. I level daily and a lot of cash and energy come from there. I don't really like the tasks and I do leave a lot of them for later.

9. Ask your fellow players daily for land permits. You should have 80 at all times.

10. Expensive buildings like office towers and hotels are not worth the returns.

11. Cheap buildings like diners, toy factories, etc are not worth the energy. You need them when you start. The best ones are the convenience stores and mocktail bars.

Okay, that's it. I hope this helps. I won't be playing anymore.
What a sunny morning. It looks like another 35 degree day again. Hot!

It was at least 35 degrees yesterday with temperatures dropping to 31 degrees in the evening.