17 November 2012

Hide +1

I hid another guy on Facebook. He usually only has the most boring things to say. Nothing that he writes or says or posts is interesting. Yes, that includes real life. Nice fellow though.

16 November 2012

Curious old house

I wonder who used to live here. And if it were not a dwelling, what did it house? What would be the future plans for this house? Will it remain or be torn down?

Affordable Art Fair

Nevertheless the Affordable Art Fair was fun though not particularly memorable. A worthwhile visit. I will give all my extra passes and ticket to my friends.

Bearded idiot

I spotted the bearded idiot at the Affordable Art Fair yesterday. Haha. He was just coming out of a closet of some sort.

I wouldn't paint a cent for any of the trash he paints. They are bland and without charm. Worse of all, without any semblance of skill, he can't draw nor really paint well.

Quite tragic really.

15 November 2012

I am heading down to the Affordable Art Fair later today. Should I bring a camera? Hmm..

Modern liberalism

'Modern liberalism suffers unresolved contradictions. It exalts individualism and freedom and, on its radical wing, condemns social orders as oppressive. On the other hand, it expects governments to provide materially for all, a feat manageable only by an expansion of authority and a swollen bureaucracy. In other words, liberalism defines government as tyrant father but demands it behave as nurturant mother. Feminism has inherited these contradictions.'

Camille Paglia, 'Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson (1990)'

12 November 2012

I started on two pieces this weekend and I did manage to finish one futuristic city from last week. Nothing completed over the weekend. Ugh. I need to focus. Perhaps tonight.

Drawing and ideas

I draw only when I feel like it. Urgency, I don't know. Let me see if I can express it. More often than not, I don't have the mood or I don't feel like drawing. So, I don't. That is one big reason why I won't turn pro and can't turn pro. I will starve. Besides, it is unrealistic. Drawing for myself is different from drawing for clients and customers. A world of difference. To make it there would also require more skills and digital ability. I won't fool myself.

When I meant mood, I do not mean that I haven't an idea or inspiration. I have more ideas than I can draw now. I just don't have the energy and mood to commit to them. In addition, I have far too many interests, too many other things that I want to do. Interests like history, architecture, military affairs, futurism, future history, neuroscience, philosophy, fortification, and much much more. Drawing and painting are just one..

I was lying in bed thinking that I could create a skytower of some sort and juxtaposition against a zeppelin-type ship but that is a bit generic but I was thinking of various details of the facades of that skytower and how I can create forms and textures to distinguish them and letting my mind roam. Does that make sense?

I was thinking of composition. From a vantage angle. From how, I can place a city, an urbanscape, within an environment. And where I can set ships. I was also thinking of the lighting, where I would give white space and where I would not. Shadows. However, I want a busy panorama that will overwhelm the eye with details. Not a single-focus.

I was also thinking of Harpers Ferry. That meandering stream and that island. I thought it was a good position where one can composed from. I was also thinking of other positions and points.

Then, I feel the need to commit the idea to paper. What do you think?

I was also looking industrial landscapes with Jerry And I was examing ancient Chinese architecture the other day. I was also thinking of river systems and more.

I am now deterred by my headache and tiredness. It is just to bad for me.

Another thing is that my feeling to draw comes usually late at night. 11 pm and after. I am a night person forced to live a day person's life. That is a problem.

9K33 Osa

The 9K33 Osa vehicle is surprisingly agile. It provides local air defence for a mobile column. It would appear that few armed forces invest in such defences anymore.

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A year or so ago, a Chinese towkay tried offering me a bribe. I refused. A few weeks ago, he came to me bragging that he would never offer bribes and breaking the law unlike those other people in his line of business. Laughable.

He said I was one of those who 'just follow law', the same phrase used in that Jack Neo movie of some years ago.

11 November 2012


The MT-LB was mostly used by the rear echelon units of Warsaw Pact then. It was and is the workhorse of the Russians. It will be for a time to come.

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