03 January 2013

Reading from a script

A girl called. She started reading from a script about the SAP system. After a while, she paused and waited for me to say something before continuing reading from it. I interrupted and said, 'You're reading from a script'. She said, 'Oh, sorry'. I said, 'I am not interested'. And the call ended.

02 January 2013


I was running this evening and was hearing rolling thunder towards the end of my run. The skies over Bukit Timah is almost pitch black. Then, I saw the broadest streak of lightning that I have yet seen strike somewhere near. It was hair-raising. We have one of the highest, if not the dubious honour of the highest lightning strike rate in the world. There were still people with children walking in the park. What's the matter with these people?

Madame De La Luna

Madame De La Luna by Marc Almond.

30 December 2012

Of the end of the future

Technologists who lament the 'end of the future' are denigrating the incremental advances that actually improve everyday life.

Virginia Postrel