16 January 2013

No connection with Starhub for eleven days

My Starhub fibre optic connection has been down since Sunday. The technicians can only come on Monday. That is eleven days without an internet connection. How's that for service?

A month is 30 days. And 11 days out of 30 without a connection. There is no guarantee that they can fix it on Monday either.

What can I say?
I had drawn quite a bit last year. I should upload the stuff one of these days.
Phew! I found the service on IRAS that I needed. Done and completed.

IRAS website

I find the IRAS website unfriendly and not very navigable. I'm looking and looking for a page now. Arrgh. A service, rather.

Why is it so hard to want to pay to IRAS?

Starhub fibre-optic connection down

Day four. The Starhub fibre-optic connection is still down. Ugh. Maybe, it was a bad idea upgrading to this. The previous cable service was often slow too.

14 January 2013


My Starhub fibre-optic connection is still down at home. Ugh. And Starhub does not know why. The fellow from Starhub told me that they are going to ask Open Net. What a mess. No connection.

What is almost as bad is the Starhub 3G services. I was trying to use it to get on Facebook and it took more than 10 minutes to load.