01 February 2013

A dreary day. I need to focus. I had ran 5.2 km thrice this week. Perhaps, I will get to draw or paint later today, possibly even browse.

31 January 2013

Tempest and Sea Fury!

Population in Singapore

I have always been of the opinion that Singapore needs around 10-12 million people to matter in the next two decades. That opinion is from more than 5 years back. There are a variety of reasons why I think so. Heh. Not going to write an essay about it. Heh.

Goodbye SimCity Social!

Goodbye SimCity Social! This is it. Population 424,000+.

I did it without buying diamonds. No scripts either. I had stopped once before but I had decided that I had my fun. On to proper games. This is my final Facebook game. No more click-fests in future.
The Clapping Raccoon Company! Piak! Piak!

30 January 2013

Good afternoon Sweetness!


Sitting on me while I do push-ups? GULP! If I were that strong! Heheh!

Anti-government whining

Mindless negativity is grating. Whining especially. At least, critique with some thought and information.

Hiding two persons

I hid two persons on Facebook today. I don't need to be reading their hatred-filled angry anti-government status updates. No thanks. I have no interest. Hiding is not removing nor blocking. These people are still on my fiend, ahem, friend list.

Raoul text spam

I thought Raoul wants to be a high class clothing brand? Why are they spamming on SMS about their sales?