09 February 2013


A wonderful day of drawing and painting. I was in town earlier today. I met Siu Hean and we browsed at Kinokuniya. There was a storm.

I also managed to finish two drawings and one old watercolour piece. Ooh! More to come!

Four Winds

Against my better judgement, I bought 'Four Winds' by the Lightning Seeds. The previous albums were excellent. However, the most recent Ian Broudie solo album was a dreary affair. I should have realised that that had signalled a shift in musical direction. Where the Lightning Seeds used to have soaring guitars and wonderful melodies, this is a bland thing. My little sister heard it once and threw it back at me. Ugh.

This is my last Lightning Seeds album.

On a related note, I heard the first single, 'Heaven' from the upcoming Depeche Mode album, 'Delta Machine'. It was truly awful. I will not be buying it. Depeche Mode's music has not been good from 1993. Ugh. I had persisted hoping but it was hopeless.

07 February 2013

Old stamps

I found these old stamps while I was re-arranging stuff in my cupboard a few days ago.

Hmm..  The top two stamps were in my other drawer and were not so old.
It does seem as if my passport photo taking will be delayed by a fortnight due to the Chinese New Year.

Oh well.

I don't really like delaying things. I usually prefer to get things done fast.
It was a chilly 25.5 degrees in the evening. I did not go run as a storm was brewing and I heard the rumble of thunder in the distance. It was the same the day before.

05 February 2013

More artwork finished!

Another piece from a year ago completed. Yay! I am close to finishing another. Tying up loose ends in a way I guess.


I found some old drawings of dragons that I drew twenty years ago. Wow! Ballpoint pen sketches. I wished I had done more of those. I wonder if I still have the skills I did then for that. The imagination is there.

Greater coucal

I saw a greater coucal this morning. I have seen it from time to time over the years. They usually come in pairs. I think it was a greater coucal rather than a lesser coucal on account of its size. The one I saw was larger than a crow or chicken and it was waddling on the ground before flying off. It was a very shy bird. I had tried taking photos of it but it was difficult. I heard the harsh scolding "skeeaaaw" frequently, one of the calls of the greater coucal.

03 February 2013

Sweet squirrel and bubblegum ice-cream!


I did a major re-arrangement of the things in my study today. The first time in years. I moved my wargames to the upper shelves and moved the books down. It made more sense. I am also throwing out old hardware. I am bringing some hardware to the office to upgrade the office machines.


Ice-cream! Sky Blue! Brunetti! Yes! Yummy!


Mosquito, piak piak piak!