02 March 2013

Peanut butter-flavoured ice-cream

I have tried the peanut butter flavour from Island Creamery, Udders and the peanut butter cup flavour from Ben & Jerry's. Verdict?

1. Ben & Jerry's - peanut butter cup. This is my favourite.
2. Udders - peanut butter. I don't like it. More nut than than ice-cream.
3. Island Creamery - peanut butter. Unmemorable. Again, it is as if you are eating peanuts, the nuts  overwhelm the ice-cream completely.

Yes, I know, big, faceless American firm versus small local outfits. However, the big corporation has the better ice-cream this time. I can't stop wanting more Ben & Jerry's whereas as soon as I had the cups from Udders and Island Creamery, I know that I will never order that flavour again.

The lost city

I had lost two pieces which I had put my heart into recently. I was sad. However, that did not stop me. I re-created and re-imagined the piece yesterday afternoon at Max Brenner at Vivocity. A few hours later, I have a completed piece, an improved piece. Whee! The lost piece was 80% complete then.

Now, I am going to re-create the other lost piece which was also about 80% complete.

01 March 2013

28 February 2013

Bank of China

Losing things

I generally do not lose things. Yet, this year, I had lost two drawings and two drawing pens on two separate occasions. It is particularly upsetting since I usually careful and tidy.

The recreation of the two pieces

I will try to work on the two pieces on Sunday afternoon depending on my mental state. And also early Friday afternoon, depending on what time I leave the office.

Of picking myself up and continuing

I spent ten minutes sketching and re-creating my two lost pieces last night. If I can find the time, meaning weekends, I should be able to re-do those two pieces in a month. The two pieces would not be the same but I can capture the spirit of them. I had put my heart into those lost ones, they weren't throwaway as some stuff.

Of lost drawings

Alas. I discovered to my dismay that two pieces that were important to me were lost. They were two ink sketches, one of a city and one of a space port. I had been drawing them since last year and I was close to completion for the two of them.

I had been careful and had made it a point not to carry many completed pieces with me. For these two pieces, I had carried them as I had been wanting to finish them. I had needed another two hours.

I had also made it a point to carry a bag to put my pieces these days.

The two pieces had probably slipped out as I carried them yesterday or last week.

I am sad now. They were to be pieces 19 and 20 of a set. I had put my heart into these two drawings. What can I say?


Sampling cheeses with Sweetie, heavenly. The delight on her face melted my heart.

27 February 2013

A day of travel

A day of journeying throughout. I was in the office at Upper Thomson in the morning. Then, I was at Junction 8 at Bishan. Afterwards, I took the train to Raffles Place and visited the Bank of China.

When I was done, I went to Outram Park and took bus no. 970 to Valley Point at River Valley Road. I collected my passport photos and I took bus no. 14 to Paterson Road. I strolled over to Kinokuniya and browsed before taking the train to Novena Square.

In the evening, I was at the Botanic Gardens momentarily. Phew!

I managed to finish a drawing of a mecha which I had started in August last year.