23 March 2013

The night walk

It was a guided walk by the serenity of the beaches at Pasir Ris, occasionally punctuated by the chatters of the young in their tents, and the dim glows of the embers in the barbeque pits. Beneath the overcast night skies, the tired moored ship, raised on a dry dock above water, illuminated by blindingly bright headlamps poised like vultures above appeared almost surreal. She conducted me through a time-lapsed personal mindscape, touching me with narratives of a window into childhood, pastimes, and adventures into the unknown.


I heard of this band a decade or so ago but I didn't go listen as I was already trying out a lot of electronic music. Finally, I did four albums and numerous EPs and singles later and I must say that I like it. American synthpop! The music harks back to an earlier age. Great fun.

Painting experiment II

Painting experiment. Gouache on 150 gsm black paper.

22 March 2013

Delta Machine

Pigment ink, permanent ink, pencil. 135 gsm paper, A5. The Delta Machine mecha.

21 March 2013


Doodle. Mechas. Fast doodles done with ink and then treated digitally.

19 March 2013

Delta Machine

I heard the second single, 'Soothe my Soul', from Depeche Mode's new album 'Delta Machine' on youtube.

I also heard 'Should be Higher'. These were performances on the David Letterman show. Finally, I heard 'Angel' on youtube, a leaked song from the album which is due to be released next Monday.

I hated the first single 'Heaven'. Depeche Mode's transition to rock and blues is pretty much complete. It is no longer the cagey electronic band which I like in 1990.

This pretty much confirms that I will not be buying the new album come Monday. This ends a long association. I haven't found Depeche Mode to be compelling since 1990 anyway.

18 March 2013

Relegation for Queens Park Rangers

It would be funny if Queens Park Rangers get relegated. And it looks as if the club will get relegated. They have gambled, spending a lot of money now.

It would be a disaster for the club if this happens. Perhaps, the deep pockets of the Air Asia guy can buy them out of this by promising cash incentives. Who knows.

Perhaps, he can finance a new team next season.

Cheap novelty

If you were to show me, say, a detailed 20-metre tall fingernail-sculptured cast of say, Captain Picard, I wouldn't despair nor think it clever. Instead, I would wonder if the person had a life.

Likewise, a person painting with his toes in front of an adoring audience.* I would think performing monkey. I have seen too many performing monkeys in the last two years.

*No, this is not about people with disabilities but rather people who like to 'perform' like a peacock in front of others.