29 March 2013

Freighter: Futurity

Futurity class freighter: Futurity 16.

Pigment ink, permanent ink, and digital filters.

28 March 2013

New look

No more black, gloomy screens. It is time for a change. The last change was in July 2010.
First, there was the 33.5 degree heat yesterday. Now, it rains. Fortunately, I had ran 5.19 km yesterday and the day before.

I will contemplate on running longer distances.
It is raining again. Ugh.

25 March 2013

Saab 900

This morning I saw a bright, red Saab 900 turbo convertible (16 valve) along Thomson Road. This model looks like something from two decades or more ago, a curious contraption from the eighties.

Soon, the distinctive Saab automobiles will fade from the roads and become memory.

Transporter Anubis VI

135 gsm paper, pigment ink, pencils, digital.

24 March 2013

Painting experiment

Experiment. Trying out a new piece of paper and also a certain textured look.


It has been years since I had eaten any Pringles.

Norman Bates

If Hollywood needs someone to play Norman Bates in another re-make of Psycho, we know who should play him! It is this guy we all know... Hahaha. Can you guess who this guy is? Hahah. Okay, I don't want to reveal his name here.

Yes, it is an artist or illustrator, a professional one.