31 May 2013

Prediction of relegation candidates 2013-2014 season

My prediction for relegation candidates for the next 2013/2014 season.

Stoke City
Crystal Palace

Unless these squads were to change, I think they will be relegated. These clubs have scoring problems.

29 May 2013


New glasses

I'm excited! My new glasses are ready today. I will collect it tomorrow. There will be no change just that it is new and not twisted or scratched.


What a wonderful and memorable evening thanks to the sweetest girl in the world! It was the thought, the love, the care that made me grin.

I had to fight a headache but it was nevertheless, an evening to cherish.

27 May 2013


Ink. Digital filters.

An idiot from NTUC Income

I received a call from NTUC Income. I asked her if it were a sales call. She said it wasn't and that it was about getting an extra hundred dollars and she wanted to share how one could do that. This is yet another euphemism, much like that of the idiot who called from Prudential a few days ago. I told her that she lied and goodbye. Misrepresentation is the norm for these sales folks these days.