25 October 2013

Leisure Park Kallang

Leisure Park Kallang is a sleepy little mall located at the outskirts of the city proper. This is a rather odd location which attracts a diverse crowd of people on weekdays and weekends.

22 October 2013

Drawing forests

I am returning to drawing forests. It has always been my passion to draw these European fairy tale-inspired scenes.

I will see if I can push it further. I will also see if that can be put in some other context.

Man of Steel, Gravity, Dark Knight Rises

I have not watched the Man of Steel, nor am I particularly interested. Given the last Nolan effort, I wish that Nolan would return to his inspired movie-making and continue along the vein of films such as Memento and Inception and drop superhero movies altogether.

Gravity is another movie that I have little interest in. It is another space accident movie, in the same vein as that of Apollo 13. This is a disaster and survival movie. Granted that the science is mostly okay and that there are spectacular effects, I am still not particularly interested.

I will probably watch them one of these days years down the road when I can borrow them or something or if I am just bored. Heh.

"AND this meanwhile there came Sir Palomides, the good knight,
following the Questing Beast that had in shape a head like a
serpent's head, and a body like a leopard, buttocks like a lion,
and footed like an hart; and in his body there was such a noise
as it had been the noise of thirty couple of hounds questing, and
such a noise that beast made wheresomever he went; and this beast
ever more Sir Palomides followed, for it was called his quest. "

Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK IX, Sir Thomas Malory

20 October 2013

The Thief

'The Thief' is fairly short, not unlike Haruki Murakami's 'After Dark' with themes of alienation and more. Trendy literature like Murakami? You bet! The narrative was fast-paced and engrossing, however, it begins to falter when Fuminori Nakamura struggled to find a satisfactory means to conclude the staged tale.


I am not sure about a sense of irony. I am not sure if this were meant to be a satire. However, according to reports, Morrissey had wanted his autobiography to be on Penguin Classics, bearing in mind that this imprint is usually reserved for the works from the likes of Jane Austen, Homer, Kafka and others. This volume has not even been proven to withstand the test of time, it was just released! (and it wasn't released before that.)

Then again, there is a call for Bob Dylan to be given the Nobel Prize for literature. Oh dear. What is the world coming to?

Screenshots of SimCity Social

This was a game I had played. It was a complete waste of time.


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Alphaville - Summer Rain (Extended Version)