04 January 2014

A drive down the MCE and ECP



Sweetie and I were then at the MCE and ECP. The night drive was an end to a wonderful weekend.

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03 January 2014

Marina Bay Barrage


Sweetie and I were at the Marina Barrage after a memorable dinner.

A magnificent evening

I had a romantic dinner with Sweetie at a nice place, celebrating her birthday. The food was exquisite and delicious and we enjoyed ourselves. It was a memorable evening, a night of laughter and good  food. It rained heavily outside and the romantic mood was unforgettable.

02 January 2014

More photos from the Marina Bay Countdown 2014


After a night of wondrous fireworks, Sweetie and I went to a Vietnamese café for carrot cake.
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01 January 2014

Marina Bay Countdown 2014


Sweetie and I wandered through the promontory and Marina Bay Sands, enjoying the fireworks.
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Marina Bay Countdown 2014


Marina Bay was teeming with peope. There were masses of people everywhere, from the Marina Bay Financial Centre to Marina Bay Sands. It was madness but in a good way. Everyone was there to enjoy the night and have fun!

It was an unforgettable night with Sweetie.
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Countdown 2014 at Marina Bay


A joyous start to the year. I was at the countdown at Marina Bay. Sweetie had dragged me from my usual hidden castle of introspection to one of lights and magic. I am glad.
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