14 January 2014

Front 242 - Special forces


I am intrigued by the nature of exoplanets, a lot of which are vastly different from that of the planets in our solar system. A number of my astronomy books that I have at home had obviously not have a section on recent discoveries, exoplanets being absent and all.

I would be seeking for a more recent illustrated volume that has more information on exoplanets. For now, I would rely on online sources and magazines.

13 January 2014

New Logitech keyboard and mouse.

I bought an inexpensive Logitech K120 keyboard and mouse at at Fuwell at Sim Lim Square when I was with Sweetie on Saturday. (image from Amazon)

I have often through the years used my keyboards to the extent that the printing on the keys are faded. I had cleaned my keyboards and mice often and had sprayed anti-bacterial spray on them. The grime covering them was not easily removable. As it was, it was time to change to a new one. As I thought back, I should have replaced my mice and keyboards on a more regular basis.

They need not be expensive models, basic ones would do. This basic K120 keyboard has a lively spring about the keys.