15 May 2014

On the deletion of irrelevant or outdated information from Google search results

The very implications. Interesting. Not siding with Google nor the European courts. I can understand why the courts issued this ruling.

As for Google, it is hard to sympathise with this monolithic behemoth which is a law unto themselves. Google's power is unprecedented and dangerous.

Still, there are parallels with deleting history in a way, even then, are the parallels fair?

12 May 2014

Dinner and drinks

Saturday was memorable, it was dinner and drinks with Sweetie marking a very special occasion.

Tales of Us

I went to listen to two music videos from the current Goldfrapp album, 'Tales of Us'. It is not as dire as I thought, there is some charm in the two songs that I heard. I think the album is worth considering.

La Roux

I have been meaning to listen to La Roux for a few years now. I finally heard two songs on youtube. Ugh. The voice, the singing, the songwriting. I will certainly not be buying any La Roux CDs.