31 May 2014

World Cup 2014

It does appear that Brazil will be the favourites. They are on home ground and they are traditionally the favourites. I have never liked the Brazilian team.

I would be cheering for Spain and Italy though the chances for the latter is rather small.

I have a soft spot for the German team as they have a lot of young players from the last World Cup.

Southampton FC

I suspect that Southampton will suffer in the next season. Every club has raided it. It did do well the last season. Oh well. It may be a relegation candidate in the coming season.

I hate seeing larger clubs raiding smaller ones which have potential, thus dooming them.
Last night, Sweetie and I saw two guys doing backflips at a MRT station late at night. It was impressive.

We also saw a lot of skateboarders in action on the public roads.

Afterwards, I saw another big group on the train, one of whom gave me a thumbs up when he saw me drawing.

30 May 2014

Yummy yummy!

Banana gelato pie: hot fudge & candied hazelnuts, Butterscotch budino, Maldon sea salt & rosemary pine nut cookies, yummy yummy!

Thank you Sweetie!

Disturbed sleep

I am sleepy today. I was awaken up thrice last night by the heavy rain. Each time, I had woken to close the windows after I had opened them when the rain subsided.

29 May 2014

The Decameron

I was in an exploratory mood earlier, so, I borrowed 'The Decameron' from the library. I wanted a look at this thick tome.


Thank you Sweetie for such a wonderful time. It was perfect. Thank you for the presents! You made the day a perfect one.

27 May 2014

Air International

Over the years, I have bought the occasional issue of Air International. I have always enjoyed reading Air International. In 2012 to 2013, I bought a number of issues as I had wanted more updates of the aviation world. So much has changed. The volumes of books that I own on aviation are somewhat outdated now.

Of Exploration, Cafés and Pies

Dearest Sweetie brought me to a wonderful café on Friday afternoon where we had dessert pies, tea, a kbb dish and an eggplant dish. It was a nice evening of exploration. Afterwards, we visited another café.

It was a place that I had always meant to explore some day and Sweetie brought me there!

Of useless applications and their removal

I am removing useless apps like WeChat and Telegram now. I don't need these programmes cluttering up my mobile, spacewise and also that of the visual space occupied on the screen.

Kallang River