14 June 2014


My Sweetie is charming!

Spain vs the Netherlands

The result came as a complete surprise. I am still somewhat sceptical as to the Dutch team winning the World Cup. This is just one result in a long campaign. The Dutch may have peaked too early.

All that Spanish possession, about 64%, appeared to have amounted to little in this match.
Bowling last night was great fun with Sweetie! Wheeeeeeeeee! Sadly, we didn't manage to play Daytona.


I am not worried about Amazon despite some publishers and writers decrying their policies. Despite Amazon's seemingly bullying tactics towards suppliers, and their seemingly monopolistic position, they have not raised prices. Their low prices benefit the consumers. They get a better deal for customers.

In future, if they were to try to raise prices after crushing all opposition, they will only open themselves to new players to come in with better prices. I am not worried about Amazon.

With regards to writers claiming that they are affected, yes, they need to negotiate a better deal with the publishers, that is between them and their publishers, not the bookseller like Amazon.

Yes, I am buying truckloads from Amazon these days since brick and mortar booksellers do not meet my needs with their limited selection nor their prices.

13 June 2014

Favourites of World Cup 2014

I think Brazil is the overwhelming favourite to lift the world cup. I don't gamble and I don't know what odds the bookmakers are giving I expect them to be accurate since it is their lifeline or trade here.

In addition, I suspect that Brazil will have the officials favouring them since they are the host nation.
Sweetie and I witnessed a magnificent sunset over Marina Bay on Saturday evening. It was a perfect day, a day of viewing dinosaur exhibits and finally exploration of food at a buffet, my first real one in a long time!

Brazil vs Croatia

I did not watch the Brazil-Croatia match but I did expect the officials to favour the host nations, much like how they had favoured South Korea during the South Korea-Japan world cup years ago. It came as no surprise when I hear that a dubious penalty had been awarded to Brazil in the match at dawn.

12 June 2014

Old railway station at Tanjong Pagar

I have visited the old railway station at Tanjong Pagar twice. I had the opportunity to take the train but I declined. I took photos then and last year.

09 June 2014

Of the TYT programme and buffet

Over the weekend, my beloved Sweetie instituted a TYT programme for me which we began by going to a buffet at Todai! Hahaha!


From the looks of it, I would have to acquire the DVDs for Zero Theorem, Grand Budapest Hotel and Lone Survivor, having missed these at the cinema.

I will put that on my 'to watch' list.