18 June 2014

World War II Aircraft Identification Quiz 2

This quiz tests your ability to identify Second World War aircraft. The quiz has been geared towards the enthusiast and will be difficult for the layperson. For the enthusiast, this should prove relatively easy. The quiz will include any aircraft that existed in between 1937 to 1945 including experimental types that were first flown during that period but put in production later. I hope you will have as much fun with it as I did creating it. Enjoy the quiz!

16 June 2014

Aircraft Identification Quiz - Postwar

Here is another aircraft identification quiz that I have created. It is focused on postwar aircraft. It should be relatively easy for the aviation enthusiast and difficult for the layperson. If you have an interest in aviation, do give this a try.

Oh well.

Thoughts on the current World Cup

Many pundits have predicted a Brazil-Argentina final. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended that way with Brazil winning.

As for Brazilian players diving, we have witnessed it time and again and because their players are skilful and have flair, people are willing to overlook their transgressions. Meanwhile, players from other nations who resort to such measures would have been roundly condemned. Two standards, one for Brazilians and one for everyone else.

New direction

In the last fortnight, I have been finishing on artwork left over from the early months of this year, as such, I have completed six or seven complex pieces. There is only one piece or so to go, after which, I will chart a new direction. I will also continue with some of what I am doing.

World Cup matches

I have not watched any of the World Cup matches. On Sunday morning, I did see a few minutes of the Japan-Ivory Coast match on TV.

I can't summon the enthusiasm for it this time. In any case, Brazil being crowned champions appear to be a foregone conclusion, the matches are a formality.