11 September 2014

Ane Brun & Vince Clarke 'Fly on the Windscreen' Depeche Mode Cover

Interesting interpretation of an old Depeche Mode song. It has a Vince Clarke arrangement. I like it.

Alison Moyet - When I Was Your Girl

The Alison Moyet single that was released last year. I have heard of the release but I didn't go listen. Now that I have, it is a pleasant surprise, not bad at all, it harks back to some of her earlier songs.

Interestingly, the girl who appeared in the music video with her is her daughter.


The march of the iDiots has begun! Shiny products for the masses! Buy! Buy!

08 September 2014

Kun Rong showed me a few pieces that he is submitting just now, it was inspiring how he conjured these images of dread and gloom.
Sweetie brought me on an adventure on Saturday. It brought me out of my comfort zone as well!

We had Turkish food for dinner after.
It is a struggle to remain awake.
I am so sleepy. I should have slept earlier. Oh well.