27 September 2014

Apple iTunes fiasco

I wonder if U2 will give Songs of Experience free after that Apple iTunes fiasco with Songs of Innocence.

I suspect it will not be the case and it was probably never the intention anyway.

These geriatric corporate rockers had wanted to promote the album format and yet, they had collaborated with Apple and its iTunes which was instrumental in dooming the album format through the sales of individual tracks on iTunes. How very ironic.

26 September 2014

Bombing the Islamic State (IS)

I am not sure if bombing sheds, buildings and technicals with machine guns would be enough. This would likely require a political solution of some kind. Sadly, it seems that the societies in that region are often held together by strongmen and their thugs.

Perhaps, bombing is just a form of containment, allowing the sectarian conflict to play itself out. Meanwhile, the world would receive cultural imports in the form of refugees. I am not sure if that would be a good thing.
For some reason, my mind was far too active last night and I did not sleep till 4 am. I am now sleepy.

This is going to be a trying day.

24 September 2014

More CDs have arrived! Yay! Encoding them and then copying them onto my mobile!