01 October 2014

Alphaville - Forever Young (Special Dance Mix) (1985) (Audio)

It does look like I would be visiting the supermarket to buy more vegetables today. Broccoli, celery and more. I had bought baby spinach, turkey and two types of fishes yesterday.
Sweetie and I had fun at tea on Saturday afternoon. This was followed by a nice dinner at a cosy Italian establishment.

30 September 2014

The Man with a Samsung Mobile

A man in his sixties had approached me as I was about to visit the Fairprice supermarket today. He had wanted to know how he could pick up a call on his small Samsung mobile. I pointed out that the mobile was not ringing and he insisted that it was. After insisting a few more times, he decided to try a different tack. He pointed at his mobile and asked how he could check for missed calls. I observed that there was no indication that there was a missed call, there wasn't a missed call screen. I was suspicious. I had no desire to want to touch his mobile. I retreated with a smile and left him.


I dreamt that Sweetie and I were in this vast deserted hall with wood parquet flooring. The white-washed facade of the exterior had reminded me of the National Museum. I talked to a watchman in my dream, giving him a box of old cassettes.

I had thought in my dream that the hall would have made a great dancehall, an esoteric locale away from the city where people would visit to dance at midnight.

I was then awakened by the loud construction across the road from my home.

Birthday cake

I was ordering a birthday cake at the cake shop earlier today at Bishan when the woman behind the counter remembered that I used to buy CDs from her at Chua Joo Huat at Far East Plaza. She gave me a 10% discount.

Coincidentally, I walked by that unit, now occupied by a clothes store, on Saturday evening.