08 November 2014

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth looks Civilization V in space with Alpha Centauri elements. I think I will wait till it comes out on discount in a few year's time. Nothing pressing, nothing groundbreaking.

05 November 2014

Of Ingress and Civilization V

I made level 8 in Ingress yesterday afternoon. I will be playing very casually from now on, in other words, I may only fire up the application if and when I visit a new place and there are portals. I won't be active anymore. No more daily checks or anything of that order. It is more likely that I stop playing the game altogether, it will fade from my consciousness in a while. It took a fortnight to achieve level 8.

I finished a first proper game of Civilization V last night with a domination victory. It took far too long for so little. I will be uninstalling it. Enough.

03 November 2014

Time flies. It is November!

A standard game

I tried my hand at a standard game of Civilization V yesterday. The last one was a tutorial game. It was time-consuming. I had managed to conquer two nations and three city-states after five or more hours. Oh dear.

I could have spent the time reading. I was not in the mood to read then.

Orchard Road - February 2013