01 August 2015

A lost dream

A few mornings ago, I dreamt that I was at the beach at night and small lapping waves were coming

In the moonlight, I could see other illuminated figures...

The waters eventually rose to knee level, soaking

I dreamt later of visiting a hillside where there was a McDonald's fast food joint. The place was quaint and old, giving an air of an outlet rooted in the past, where everything had gone by it, evoking a sense of a faded photograph.

This morning, I dreamt of visiting a secret waterfall in a forgotten hill in Singapore.

This was a post that I had written in 2014 but had forgotten to post for some reason.

Endless Space

Endless Space had seemed daunting initially. After two hours, the fog lifted and the gameplay became clear.

When I wrote this post, it was in July 2014. I never did continue after funnily enough.

I will look into it again.

Of fanaticism and Ingress

When I had played Ingress, it was optimised around my grocery buying trips. I had rarely ever made any special provision for it, like a day trip just to capture portals. I was a casual player despite claims otherwise.

The portals I had captured were around the supermarket, the bakeries and the caf├ęs where I had coffee. Was it so hard to understand? I guessed the hardcore players lived in another world. I would not have been astonished to if I were to find that some were aghast to find that I had remained at the same level for half a year or more. Baffling for them? It would not surprise me. The fanaticism they had exhibited were something to behold. You would think that the fanaticism akin to that of the Kamikazes were in the distant past, not so.

Hyper Fighters and Naval Warfare

I tried Hyper Fighters and Naval Warfare which I had bought for about two dollars each on Steam. The former was dismal while the latter had interesting ideas but the polish on the interface was lacking.

The interesting aspects of Naval Warfare were that it was set in science fictional Victorian world and also the design ironclad and aircraft.

There is nothing positive to be said about Hyper Fighters, from gameplay to graphics to interface. Avoid at all costs.

Battle Group 2

I found a game on Steam that I got for under two dollars. Battle Group 2. It was a simple arcade shoot 'em up. It was relaxing and fun. I played it for a few hours over three days and finished it.

It is mindless but fun. Recommended.

Of inactivity and Ingress

In the meantime, I have wound down my play of Ingress. I find that I had exceeded my data plan two months ago and slightly exceeded it this month. The game has been a distraction. I am back to my other activities.

Let someone else hold Novena and other parts of the territories which I used to hold. The medals can come later, as can the levels, I am not competing with anyone. I don't care. I am mostly retired from the game anyway.

Power struggle

Politics is everywhere. Whenever and wherever there is a group, there is almost surely politics. I was to be dragged into one despite my clear declaration of not wanting to be involved. The person involved refused to take my stance into consideration. To my dismay, in deposing the leader, one of the persons who were involved had used my name, saying that I had supported every bit of that putsch. That is diabolical.

What part of "no" do these power hungry folks not understand? The power struggles will drag people in what is a game that is supposedly fun. Drama, politics, and power have intruded in a big way.

I had left the groups as I had not wanted to be associated in any way anymore. That was a week ago. Since then, I had listened to different points of views from various sympathetic people from various factions. They understood.

Home territory

I realised some time back that most players only play in their own backyards, meaning their home and work areas. One should not expect reinforcements in the former of higher level resonators and shields. It is to be expected. That is realistic. To disguise the true situation in the form of positive talk reeks of rank hypocrisy.

A few other players have confirmed this state of affairs to me privately.

Attempting to point out the lack of clothes in the emperor would only bring out ugly, defensive anger.

As for fanatical players, they will be everywhere from midnight till dawn. They can also be found outside their home and work areas too.

31 July 2015


Waiting and waiting. Contractors. Engineer.
Things are not particularly smooth. I am a bit frustrated. Hopefully, my contractors can come up with the solution fast.

27 July 2015

A sweet dream

I dreamt of Sweetie, holding onto her hand tightly as we raced out happily from a building. Then, I woke up, smiling away, from ear to ear.

Snoozing away

I woke up in the middle of the night to find Mimi, my little affectionate cat, curled up at my feet, snoozing away. Heheheh.