21 August 2015

Located! This is only the first step.
Another pressing task has emerged a few days ago, I need to locate a 1997 document for my lawyer. I found only two sheets from thirteen, where are the other eleven?

Of CD singles and remixes

I stopped buying CD singles some years ago. The trend since the nineties would be for the remixer to deconstruct a song and then reassemble it with little resemblance to the original. In this way, it misses the point, the essence of the song structure, the melody, the hook and even the vocals are lost, only the song component is left.

20 August 2015

Yes! A pressing task has been settled yesterday, I am relieved. I haven't taken a vacation since 2011, I will start thinking of one soon, a short one.

Setting limits

I have also limited my play of Battlefield 4 to only the weekends if possible. No matter how compelling, the game is time-consuming and there are lots that I want to do.

19 August 2015

Games games games

I enjoy Battlefield 4 tremendously. I play it a fair bit but I have limited my play of Battlefield 4 to about an hour or so now for each session. It is easy to find that hours would fly if I were to play it.

My play seem to differ greatly from that of Battlefield 3. I had made a comparison of the weapons used. For the previous game, I had used a lot of grenade launchers and assault rifles. For the new iteration, I had used employed the Counter Defilade Engagement System or XM-25 weapon and the LMG (light machine gun) a fair bit more. The Ares LMG is my weapon of choice.

However, it seems that players are somewhat more canny now, I am unable to rack up kills as swiftly as previously.

For Ingress, I had previous unfinished business in gaining levels. The end is finally in sight, I had planned to end at level 7 but I had made all the way to level 13. I am at level 13 now, and level 14 would be my end point. In any case, I am in semi-retirement for the game. The chasm to cross to reach 15 is impossible, I am unwilling to commit that kind of time and I don't enjoy it anyway, it's tedious. There is really little point left.

For some, the game is about meeting friends and playing with the community, for me, it isn't, it is about territory, optimisation and geography, abstract concepts. In any case, I have exhausted what I came for in Ingress finally.

It looks like I may be able to settle an issue today and I will be done with it. Hurrah!
I would need to sleep earlier. I have been sleeping later and later.

18 August 2015

I slept too late last night. I will not go running today.

A debacle at Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 last night was a disaster. I was roundly trashed and I spent far too much time attempting to rectify that dismal run of results. I should have read the papers instead.

I had instead not thought out a different approach and thus suffered for it.
I had a slight sore throat last week but I seemed to have fought it off. I am alright now, I need to go run this evening.
It may be a trying week ahead, at least, it seems to be shaping up to be one.

17 August 2015

Dreaming of you

I bounced out of bed as I woke up this morning with happiness in my heart. I had dreamed that I was with Sweetie at an outdoor café in an old part of town, sipping cocktails and spirits, and talking the night away. Wall-mounted lamps had coated the weathered brick walls of the courtyard in amber, while deep shadows cast by the yellow hues had provided a contrast.