06 January 2016

It looks like a trip to Upper Thomson Road tomorrow. Heh. Hopefully, it will not be as hot as yesterday.

Unfinished drawing

I have a half-finished drawing of a few housing blocks in Tampines. It does not look as if I will ever finish this piece now. I think I will transform it into a science fiction piece, an imaginary cityscape.

Goodness, how fast time has passed. It is four!
A walk in the light drizzle from Bishan brings back memories.
I have started using Hotmail some time back. Gmail seems to be encumbered with too many things, it loads slowly, very slowly.
Today, I will probably visit Bishan for a short bit. Some travelling today. First, I need to get office work done.
Yesterday was half day of travel. It was hot, very hot with strong, relentless sunshine.

04 January 2016