27 February 2016

Grim Dawn, not bad at all. Not as polish and smooth as Victor Vran though.

26 February 2016

It is within striking distance! Whee!
Grim Dawn has been launched! Yay!
Now, I need a floppy disk drive.

Virtual machine installed

Windows XP virtual machine running fine. Where do you want to go today?

Sadly, it is for work, not for games. Haha. I can think of games that I would play. Hmm. Maybe I will try a virtual machine for Linux and Windows Vista at home.

I don't want a dual boot at this point.
When one dreams, one is embarking on a journey...
So sad. Never did make it back to eat the blue ice-cream at Tanglin Mall...
I need to apply for a new food licence.

Killing termites will cost me $1700+


Ingress. I had a strategy that involves generating JARVIS viruses and AXA shields with my numerous MUFG capsules. Sadly, it is deemed too powerful and the production rates have been slowed to 1/10 or maybe 1/100 of the original rates. The strategy and buildup had taken a few months implement. Now, it is impossible. The hardwork had come to nought though I did enjoy several weeks of success.

This is where I quit the game for good. I was semi-retired anyway.
The setback was temporary. I was drawing at Oriole afterwards and thinking.

21 February 2016

It is time to pull out my Funker Vogt CDs, it has been a while.

Marnie - Wolves (Official Video)

Marnie - Hearts On Fire (Official Video)

Marnie - The Hunter (Official Video)

Ladytron - Ghosts [Official Music Video]

At least, Saturday was fruitful. Part of the major issue was solved. My heavy heart is gone. Now comes the next challenge. I will find out on Monday.
The weekend is too short! I want to draw more and browse too. In an eyeblink, it is late night!