20 February 2021

My father's school books

As I cleared my father's table at work, I came across his old exercise books from high school. I think it dates back to 1951. His education was interrupted by the Japanese invasion in 1937 and subsequently 1941. In 1951, it was difficult to go back to school in the postwar rebuilding period and he did not remain in school for long. I can see his neat handwriting, with words in English and characters in Chinese. These look rather unlike his writing in his later years.

22 January 2021


I remember twenty years ago, a devout person of a certain religion once told me that truth is relative and that one must be flexible. I remember that this person was rather willing to bend facts to his will. He was, in a way, ahead of his time in light of the zeitgeist.

04 January 2021

Unsolicited calls and SMS messages

I get many calls from folks asking if I wanted bridging loans, and also help in getting on schemes from the government and more.

I also get many SMS messages asking if I wanted loans. I blocked those numbers.

There must be some sort of a cottage industry with regards to small loans. Is there a shadow economy at work here?

Low temperatures

According to the papers, the rain on Friday and Saturday was the heaviest in 39 years. It rained continuously for two days, with the rain being heavy much of the time. The temperature in the Newton area was reported to be about 21 to 22 degrees. It has never been this cold before.

It has been chilly at home.


 My dear father passed on in early December. I will miss him.

I remember as a child of three or four and a monkey was chasing me at the Botanic Gardens. I had jumped on a park bench only to see the monkey jumping up as well. My father picked me up before the monkey could get at me and carried me away on his shoulders, rescuing me.

I remember during one national parade in the early 70s, my father had put me on his shoulders. He was running along the road, in the crowd, so that I could see the parade. He ran on Coleman Bridge at South Bridge Road.

He was a good father.

07 December 2020

Defense Grid

 I have given Defense Grid: The Awakening and Defense Grid 2 a try. They are decent tower defence games. They are popular titles but they aren't outstanding, well-executed nevertheless.

 With regards to people, I had also hopes, again, I was and am realistic. And of course, it did not come to pass. I would be more introspective and more self-contained from now on. Detached if you will.

 I remember I had some hopes for certain things but I was realistic. I knew that it would never come to pass and as it was, it did not. It is just how it is.

 Small people are everywhere.


 It would be wonderful to live away from society at large.


 It is extremely difficult to live and yet be left alone by others. When others attempt to impose their values and there is no escaping, it is difficult. Would one have to forsake one's principles? 

And if one doesn't, one made out to be the villain. 

A time of changes

 It would be interesting to see if there would be significant changes. The power dynamics, however visible or invisible, would have shifted somewhat.

18 November 2020

Martin Gore - Mandrill (Official Visual)

I am surprised. This is great. This new track from Martin Gore. I have pretty much written Depeche Mode off after 1992 when they veered into electro-blues which I hate, with abysmal albums like "Ultra", "Exciter", "Sounds of the Universe". "Mandrill" is a great new track from Martin Gore.

Catan: World Explorers

I gave the Catan: World Explorers game a try for 1.5 seasons. I finished the last season with 291 VP. I'm done. I have uninstalled the game. It's a good game and it is involving.

23 October 2020

An old telephone number

I am feeling a bit sad. I am writing in to Singtel to discontinue a number that my mother used for over 40 years. I remember calling her on that line and number when I was in school. Today, since my mother is at home, she doesn't need that line anymore.

Time does fly.

25 September 2020

Something seriously wrong

I am easy going and it takes a lot to set me off. If you actually set me off, well, there is really something seriously wrong with you

13 September 2020


 I have been drawing a fair bit of castles and painting them over the last two months. I have derived great from imagining them.