17 October 2005

Goth Ethereal

There is a sub-branch of goth music which features ethereal female vocals. Here are my favourites in this sub-genre.

Love Spiral Downwards - Idylls
Love Spiral Downwards - Ardor
Chandeen - Spacerider: Love at first sight
Chandeen - Jutland

The first two Love Spiral Downwards albums are, in my opinion, the best that they have ever created, subsequently, their later work veered off towards a languid lounge-cum-jazz direction. Abysmal really. Love Spiral Downwards eventually renamed itself as Love Spirals.

Chandeen has broken up. One of the vocalist has contributed vocals to a recent In Strict Confidence release.

There are five great collections featuring gothic ethereal vocals titled:

Heavenly Voices Volume 1
Heavenly Voices Volume 2
Heavenly Voices Volume 3
Heavenly Voices Volume 4
The Best of Heavenly Voices

The Heavenly Voices series is a good collection if one were to want to explore the ethereal goth music scene.

No Irish folk please.

To put it in words
To write it down
That is walking on hallowed ground"
'Sacred' Depeche Mode


Anonymous said...

have you heard about Priscilla Hernandez, she's an ethereal gothic singer from Spain my country and one of my favourites
You can listen to her here
I met her once in a performance and she was very kind too
Will check the heavenly voices thing it's one of my favourites genre
J Pedro

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hi hi,

No, I have not heard her. Thank you for the recommendation. Greatly appreciated. I will listen.