15 October 2005

Comments, Replies and Email

I generally reply to most comments. It may take me a day or a week, but I will reply. Regarding email, if you do want to, feel free to send email too. No spam or product introductions please.

I am on MSN Messenger and Friendster. I have more or less dropped out of ICQ. Feel free to add me to your list.


Machinistscott said...

Hey Chuang,

I found your blog on the BF2 site among some comments.

When I saw you had "Brazil" as a fav movie I triped out. It's kind of obscure over here in the states.

My BF2 call-sign is "Meatwad69". Look me up.

Anonymous said...

as far as i can tell, you seem to be a substantially talented and skilled painter. the same time you seem to be almost childishly obsessed with war, warfare, death and violence. what fascinates you about physical and mental destruction?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Oh dear, I'm childishly obsessed with war, warfare, death and violence. What am I to do? Strait-jacket, strait-jacket! Oh no! Perhaps, I am Tamerlane incarnate surveying the imaginery destruction wrought? Perhaps, I am but a keen student of von Clausewitz or von Jomini in dusty libraries? Or could it be that I am an adherent of the murderous and amoral Commodus wielding a crossbow in the arena? It is so strange! Unbearable! What am I to do?

Actually, do look carefully. A interest in conflict and history does not equate with a love of gore and violence. Neither does an interest equate with obsession.

Does my numerous entries on Shanghai make me a Sinophile or a mad Chinaman bent on glorifying Shanghai? Surely not?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I put no claims to being skilled and talented except that I have been drawing constantly since I was four.

If I have an obsession, it would be drawing forests and the wilderness. Trees.

Anonymous said...

el jardin de senderos que se bifurcan; well...he was into Berkeley and other arcane philosophers of time and space! He had a passion for Anglo-Saxon language and literature. The idea that the concept of ETERNITY was a trick of the mechanics of memory et al. Even his poetry was tinged with a metaphysical sleight of hand. You should acknowledge quotes, even if translated from spanish.

Anonymous said...

Awww man i just found something that you might remember...
[fremen] Chibiace : how do i enter the refinery
[fremen] Shaaitan : Use the force.
[fremen] Shaaitan : Figure it out.
[fremen] Chibiace goes 'Blah'.
[fremen] Marlboro laughs.
[fremen] Chibiace : there is no force to use
[fremen] Marlboro : Didn't you see the force orb?
[fremen] Marlboro : It's buried in the sands.
[fremen] Amenophis lafs.
[fremen] Shaaitan : And the keymaster :)
[fremen] Marlboro : Pick up the force orb. Dial the code.
[fremen] Marlboro nods at Shaaitan.
[fremen] Marlboro : The keymaster will give you the key. ie code
[fremen] Marlboro : The keymaster is in the keymaster tower.
[fremen] Shaaitan goes 'Indeed'.
[fremen] Marlboro : The tower is in the northeast.
[fremen] Marlboro : But the tower guardians are three beautiful women.
[fremen] Marlboro : You would have to give them something first.
fremen] Amenophis : hmm.. this sounds familiar..
[fremen] Shaaitan : Beast Rabban's secretary.
[fremen] Shaaitan : s
[fremen] Marlboro nods at Shaaitan.
[fremen] Marlboro : Don't try killing the three Harkonnen women.
[fremen] Chibiace : where is the orb?
[fremen] Marlboro : They give 15 mil xp. I can't handle them.
[fremen] Shaaitan : And don't switch. They assist.
[fremen] Marlboro : I think only Amorphia can.
[fremen] Shaaitan : Nah i killed one invoked.
[fremen] Amenophis : lol
[fremen] Marlboro cheers Shaaitan enthusiastically.
[fremen] Marlboro : man! You're good.
[fremen] Shaaitan : Ain't i badass :)
[fremen] Amenophis : Rabban's guards are too hard for the exp they give
[fremen] Marlboro agrees with Amenophis.
[fremen] Chibiace : im going somewhere else >.>
[fremen] Shaaitan : Yup.
[fremen] Marlboro : find the orb first.

- Shaaitan

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hahahaha Shaaitan!

You know, Chibiace told me over Windows Live Messenger/Gtalk that he felt that he deserved to be made an Elder. And he would not retire from DuneMUD until he was made an Elder!

Can you believe that?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

While I may try to reply to every response in the blog, I do miss a couple occasionally. Oh well. Just to let everyone know.

Anonymous said...

Hey do think i have enough spirit to just sit and rez? or should replenish my mana with some potion? cheers man.

Anonymous said...

Buy the way im running molten core solo right now and i was wondering if you could come and heal me, im sick of rez'n solo man. I need a healer.

Your the guy that playes world of warcraft 23 hours a day huh? or have i got the wrong blog

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Urm, you got the wrong person.