29 September 2008

The central catchment area hike - Traversing the jungle from west to east

These series of entries describe traversing through the nature reserve between the Upper Peirce Reservoir and Upper Seletar Reservoir from the west to the east.

I think this is one of the most unknown and possibly not travelled parts in Singapore yet. Tony and I had observed almost no evidence of human-made artifacts or rubbish of any sort in the depths of the jungle. No trails either.

This route is extremely challenging in my opinion and one should only attempt it if one knows what one is doing. We did and we were prepared. Don't do it if you are prone to panic.

It was needless to say, a most rewarding hike.

Aerial photos of the Upper Peirce Reservoir Hike (our approximate route)

Aerial photo 2

Meeting at Beauty World (Our meeting point and our equipment)

Chestnut Avenue

Mountain biking trail

Helicopter manoeuvring area

Inlet at Upper Peirce Reservoir

At the water's edge of the Upper Peirce Reservoir

Water's edge

Fallen tree

The depths of the jungle

The heart of the jungle

Ferns and clearings

The long road out

The end of the hike


Anonymous said...

Wow ... the reservoir is just 4 to 5km away from my home. Next time if I need a guide for the hike ...

... even with the map you have posted, I can't really figure out how to go ... lol.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Certainly. Heheh. How is your fitness?

And also how are you when it comes to stress? Are you prone to panic?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have put up such a nice blog of the hike. I have been visiting quite a few times. You took a lot more photos than I had the energy for!