19 October 2005


I was just thinking of the pop concerts I have been to over the years. I realised that I have been to quite a number. They include the following:

Children of the Bong
Banco de Gaia
Renegade Soundwave
Astralasia (twice)
Chemical Brothers (twice)
Cocteau Twins
Depeche Mode
Pet Shop Boys
Alphaville (twice)
Spandau Ballet (at least what was left)
Belinda Carlisle
Fem2Fem (Voyeuz the Musical)

I am pretty sure that I have missed a few. I didn't put any DJ performances like Paul Oakenfold, Michael Dog, and others. I also did not list musicals, plays, classical performances that I have attended. There are probably a couple more. Of late, I haven't been to any. The musical scene here seems rather devoid of anything interesting.

The Orbital concert was one of the most memorable of the lot, as was the Cocteau Twins concert.

Concerts I regretted missing include Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in 1993, Bjork in the mid-nineties, Marc Almond, Dead can Dance in 1996. Oh well, one can't watch them all.

I have seen Marc Almond perform in a store-signing once. He could carry a tune very well despite singing with only an accoustic guitar accompaniement.

Presently, I know a lot of bands like Imperative Reaction, Assemblage 23, The Cruxshadows, In Strict Confidence, and others are touring the USA. VNV Nation, Clan of Xymox and Covenant did tours there previously. I would loved to have attended those concerts. Of course, if there is a Front Line Assembly concert, I would attend. I would also love to attend a Clan of Xymox concert.

"Machines with living human tissue and programmed to destroy
The silence is deafening
Regression hangs in the air
A motionless world sits waiting
For new codes"
'Mindphaser' Front Line Assembly


V said...

I have to remind myself to not miss a day of your blog because you update it so often. Along with the great artwork, I've seen some interesting posts about music.

I agree about Depeche Mode and I will have an opportunity tonight to listed to the album. When I heard Precious the first time, I knew there was something familiar about it. And not that it sounded so much like Enjoy The Silence, but the style and mix of the song.

Anyway, your list of concerts that you've attended is great!

I'm jealous of you that you got to see:

Cocteau Twins (though I really love only their old stuff when they were more gothic)
Pet Shop Boys (I've had opportunities, but never did go)
Alphaville (Just to hear the first album live)

By the way: Dead Can Dance is dowing a show here next month. But because I'm going to a concert in Nov. and Dec. I simply can't afford it!

V said...

Also, I got Andy Bell's album too, the same time I got Funker Vogt's Navigator! Wow, what a contrast.

I will have to give Andy's album a good listen and I agree about Claudia. I think "A Secret Wish" was one of the best albums of 1985. Or was it 84. Who cares, it was great!!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

V, I watched Orbital when I was in Leeds. There was a music festival then. For Lush, they performed in a place which was converted from a space under a rail bridge in Leeds. And it was one of the last performances between the drummer committed suicide and the band disbanded. A pity really. They had two tremendous albums.

Why didn't you go to the Pet Shop Boys concerts when you had the opportunity?

For Alphaville, there is a 'Live' album available and another 'Live' CD in another rare set.

Dead can Dance! WOW! I thought they had stopped performing together. Are there chances of a new album?

I haven't heard Funker Vogt's 'Navigator' yet. I hope some store bring it here. Otherwise, I would have to order it from Amazon or A Different Drum.

Andy Bell's new one is fun! I think Claudia Brucken is also appearing with several artistes in other albums. I can't remember which now.

Yeah, 'A Secret Wish' is a good album. Unusual.

How's the new Depeche Mode concert? Have you watched them?

Heard 'Damaged People' yet?

V said...

How long did you live in England? That must've been a great experiance. Lots of good acts to see. I was only there for a week and it was great!

As for the Pet Shop Boys, I don't know. I guess I must've been in a funk or something and when they came to play, I just wasn't in the mood. It was the time that had their "Nightlife" album out.

I don't know that Dead Can Dance have a new album out. I was just as surprised as you are when I saw their name come up on my concert list. It would be nice to go though.

I'm sure you've heard "Navigator", just listen to another Funker Vogt album. Seriously though, isn't it just the one song they make variations with? I guess that's what I like about them. They have one theme which is all about the military and all their songs are so much alike.

As for Depeche Mode, I won't see them in concert until December 7. I'm still taking in the new album and so far "Nothing's Impossible" is turning up to be the top of the list. Great track!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I was in Leeds, West Yorkshire for three years. You're right, it was a great experience. After all, Sisters of Mercy, Soft Cell and several other bands started in Leeds. The original 'Goth City'. Where did you visit when you were in England? London?

Pet Shop Boys. I saw their concert during the 'Release' tour. Unfortunately, the performance was rather flat. Neil Tennant sounded rather nasal that evening and that was not helped by the poor accoustics of the venue (Singapore Indoor Stadium). In addition, I think 'Release' is the worst album yet with some Beatle-esque tracks (I can't stand the Beatles). The Beatle-esque 'I get along' and other singles like 'Home and Dry' weren't simply up to the usual Pet Shop Boys standards. After 'Nightlife' and 'Disco 3', I iind this to be a disappointing album. Thus a concert of this album... Well.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

The new Funker Vogt album 'Navigator' isn't in the stores yet. It's Friday, I will go look in the stores tonight.

I haven't heard it.

Similarly for 'Fallen Hero'. More of the same? I heard that they have used a lot of vocodor effects. I hope to hear more of the distorted harsh vocals one hears in 'Gunman'.

Funker Vogt does utilise the same sounds again and again and it does give the album a fairly similar and consistent feel throughout. I can understand why you feel that they have a single track with many variations. Heheh. They do have a good hear for melodies though.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Do tell me how the Depeche Mode concert went.

V said...

I was in London and did the usual touristy things. Bought lots of music and hung around a couple of pubs. I would love to return and explore more of England.

I totally agree with you about Pet Shop Boy's Release album. I guess they wanted to show a different side to them. Disco 3 was a nice welcome from that disaster.

As for Funker. I'll have to listen again. I don't remember a lot of vocoder stuff. I think there were a few but I've only listened to it once. It's been Depeche Mode and nothing else lately!

I'll review the concert on my blog as soon as I see it.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Of course, if I were in London I would be a tourist too. Heh. I would do exactly what you did. I also used to visit a lot of the second-hand music shops there. I bought Revenge singles and other hard to find CD singles there.

Speaking of the Pet Shop Boys, have you heard 'Battleship Potemkin' yet? I have read great reviews of that score.

I still haven't found 'Navigator'. I may have to order overseas. ie from the USA. (Metropolis Records)

I haven't read it but a review spoke of the vocoder stuff.

Please do review after you have watched it. You are truly a Depeche Mode concert veteran! I would love to be in your shoes. Heheheh.