21 August 2005

Notes on Weblog Entres

My entries for the next day would frequently go up about a few hours before midnight. I don't sleep late anymore, I have to work the day after usually.

I will often amend my entries for grammar, accuracy and typos after they are posted. It is a continuous process. If a new thought occurs to me, I will not hesitate to add it in a previous entry. I will often add images to previous entries too.

Blog entries are just what they are. Short commentaries of a few lines in length. For entries on books, they are not reviews, they are just reflections of a few ideas from the book. The opinions offered are my own though I may mention a friend's opinion and thought from time to time. This is not an online diary. I do write a diary but not electronically.

My blog is preoccupied with books, military affairs, history, SF, music (ebm, synthpop, goth, electronic music, etc) and my drawings. A large proportion of the site will likely consist of sketches I made over the last decade. And my intended audience? No one really, well, myself. Here, I articulate some thoughts, comments which may or may not be re-used in another context eventually.

If I have friends and people with possibly similar or related interests viewing and commenting, well, I will be very happy.

As for Singapore, you will realise that this blog has little to say about Singapore and its current affairs, culture, politics and more. Nothing on the local blog scene either. There are blogs out there that cover Singapore better. If you are here for stuff about Singapore, you generally won't find it here. You know my preoccupations.

The drawings are just what they are, drawings and short sketches. I will make no claim to them being art of any sort. At best, they are illustrations.

Some of the drawings will have some writing on the lower right corner. That is just the month and year for my tracking. I seldom sign my work anyhow. I enjoy drawing and I draw quite a lot.

*This is an entry that is back-dated. I wanted to tuck this in a corner somewhere.


@wQueens7 said...

I loved the Garden of the forking paths and I'm intrigued by this. I like your technique of proofreading late. I'll try it on mine.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I guess I have some form of perfectionist trait in me. I would like to remove typos, grammar mistakes and inaccuracies if I could.